Wind Chill Calculator

The Wind Chill Calculator is used to estimate the coolness of the atmosphere. Using this Wind Chill Calculator you can understand the temperature as felt by your skin different from the actual temperature. Wind chill is measured from the wind chill index for a given level of wind speed and air temperature. This Wind Chill Calculator shows how chill the wind is based on both the new and old wind chill index formula.

New Wind Chill Index (After November 2001)

Wind Chill Temperature as per the new wind chill index formula used by the National Weather Service: 35.74 + 0.6215ЧT – 35.75ЧV0.16 + 0.4275ЧTЧV0.16.
Here T is the actual air temperature in Fahrenheit and V is the wind speed or velocity in mph.

Old Wind Chill Index (Before November 2001)

The Wind Chill Calculator uses the Old Wind Chill Index as well as used by the National Weather Service. The index is: 0.081 Ч (3.71ЧV1/2 + 5.81 – 0.25ЧV) Ч (T – 91.4) + 91.4 Here T is the actual air temperature in Fahrenheit and V denotes the velocity or wind speed in mph.

Wind Chill Temperature

Our skin feels the temperature differently than the actual temperature is. It happens mainly because we keep loosing heat via evaporation, radiation, convection, and conduction in cold air. The rate of losing heat increases due to wind surrounding our body during winter. That is why our body feels the temperature as lower than the prevailing temperature in the atmosphere. Simply, it’s the chilling effect of the wind that let our skin feel colder. But this situation can be dangerous in case of extreme conditions when you may lead to adverse effects like frostbite. The effect is called the wind chill factor. This factor was also explained easily by the science. We know that evaporation, radiation, and conduction cause a solid surface to lose heat. This shows that heat moves from the warm to the cold. The rate of such conduction relies upon the variation in temperature between the surface and surroundings of the surface.