Weight Watchers Points Calculator

Identify the SmartPoint values of your favorite foods

By enhancing your diet you can improve and prevent many medical concerns and ailments. However, understanding your nutritional needs can be complex and having a calculator can help you determine your dietary requirements using the Weight Watchers program. Once you establish your daily share of points, you can quickly estimate the point value of your desired foods to reach your intentions for well-being. Let us begin by reviewing what this calculator may be used for and how you may use it.

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What is Weight Watchers?
There is more to fitness and health than solely counting calories. Making healthier choices that consist of whole foods and adapting your mindset can help you feel better about eating while becoming healthier. Weight Watchers is an American company that offers various products, technologies, and services to assist in health maintenance and weight loss.
The company uses nutritional science and behavior studies at the core of its approach. The program, called Beyond The Scale, is intended to help people make smarter choices about their nutrition and shift their attitudes towards eating better.
The program does this by assigning points to food and beverages based on their nutritional values, instead of referencing calories , and by allocating daily point targets to each member based on their height, weight, and age. Anything with higher fat and sugar content has increased point values, while choices with more protein and fiber bear reduced point values. Alternatively, members can gain additional points through personalized exercise suggestions, which are included after an initial assessment.
However, the company’s success lies in their progressive approach to teaching sensibility and self-compassion, and techniques to guide your frame of mind, along with empathetic group meetings to encourage greater motivation.
At times, keeping track of point values can be challenging and having a calculator can help to assess your selections and ensure success with your health aspirations.
What is this calculator for?
The Weight Watchers calculator is very easy to use and is designed to help you estimate your daily point allowance and the point values of foods based on their nutritional contents. The calculator relies on the most recent system implemented by Weight Watchers in 2012.
The current SmartPoints plan promotes meals that are lower in calories, sugars, and saturated fats, but higher in proteins, nutrient density, and fibers. This differs from their original outlook where they considered all calories to be equal regardless of their nutritional value. The best part about Weight Watchers is that you can essentially eat anything you want, as long as it falls within your SmartPoint target.
If you are preparing a dish that’s not listed in their database, you can add in the contents of any ingredient to the calculator to quickly see it’s point value. With your results, you may decide if it is a beneficial addition to your dietary intake or if you should consider some alternatives.
Using this calculator you can also compare point values of different foods and beverages to make an informed decision and support your well-being.
Will you lose weight on Weight Watchers?
Research shows that Weight Watchers can be a useful tool for weight loss and that members attending regular meetings can lose up to eight times more then online-only participants.
A study conducted by the American Journal of Medicine confirmed these findings after running a trial on the effects of community-based behavioral counseling, suggesting that usage of the programs various tools, such as communal gatherings, smartphone apps, and desktop tools were significantly more efficient than any Do-It-Yourself approach.
While all calorie- restrictive diets, including Atkins and South Beach, are equally effective in achieving weight loss, recent research suggests that Weight Watchers is superior to other diet plans in demonstrating greater efficacy for reducing weight at 12-month marks. This result is another testament to the program’s approach to health and wellness as a lifestyle and frame of mind versus restrictive diet plans.
How to use the calculator
The Weight Watchers calculator has two components: an information intake and integrated results. For an accurate report to be generated the system requires some basic information about yourself and your dietary choices. Let us review this together.
Before using the calculator, you must decide if you want to calculate your daily SmartPoint target (daily points plus), or the SmartPoint value of food or beverages (PointsPlus/ProPoints). You can make this selection by using the tabs at the top of the calculator and can move between either directory without losing information.
If you are unsure of your nutritional requirements, Daily PointsPlus is an excellent place to start.
Daily PointsPlus
Step 1 : On the first line of the calculator, please indicate your age, using the arrow keys to make this selection easier.
Step 2 : On the second line of the calculator you should select your gender, whether you are male or female.
Step 3 : You should add your weight to the third line of the calculator, using the drop-down menu to indicate the unit of measurement in pounds or kilograms.
Step 4 : Using feet and inches, please specify your height on the next line of the calculator.
Step 5 : Finally, using the drop-down selection you may choose the activity level that you most associate with.
Step 6 : Please view your results to the right of the inputs and continue to the PointPlus tab to familiarize yourself with the point values of your favorite foods.
PointsPlus and ProPoints are primarily the same measurement and are only differentiated by region. North America and the USA use PointsPlus, while the UK utilizes ProPoints.
To get accurate point evaluations you will need to reference the nutritional label of the food or beverage in question. All fruits and any fibrous vegetables are free (zero points), while all other foods, starchy vegetables, dried fruits, and fruit juices require point calculations.
Step 1 : On the first line of the calculator indicate the amount of protein on the nutritional label, along with the type of unit using the drop-down menu.
Step 2 : Specify the number of carbohydrates on the second line of the calculator, followed by the measurement in grams, kilograms, ounces, or pounds.
Step 3 : You should add any fats present to the third line of the calculator, using the arrow keys to make this selection easier. Foods higher in fats tend to cost more points.
Step 4 : Finally you can add value for fiber to the last line of the calculator. The fiber content of the food helps to differentiate what type of carbohydrate you are consuming and if it is beneficial for you.
Step 5 : Please view your results on the right-hand side of the calculator and make additional computations as necessary.
What can you eat on Weight Watchers?
Weight Watchers is devised for you to include your favorite foods in your diet and follows a flexible approach to meal planning. You are given complete freedom over your dietary choices, as long as you can stay within your share of points.
However, the Beyond The Scale program does encourage members to stick to a variety of whole foods including fruits, vegetables, and foods with high protein contents. When a portion of food is more nutrient dense, it can help you feel fuller for longer when compared to processed items with empty calories.
Please see the table below for the SmartPoints of common food varieties.


PointsPlus (Since 2012)

Apple One small (4 oz.)


Banana One medium (6 oz.)
Mango One medium (8 oz.)
Orange One medium (4 oz.)
Pear One medium (5 oz.)
Peach One medium (6 oz.)
Watermelon One cup 0
Beef, regular, cooked One slice (2 oz.) 4
Chicken, cooked One slice (2 oz.) 3
Egg One medium (2 oz.) 2
Fish, Catfish, cooked One fillet (6 oz.) 7
Pork, cooked One slice (2 oz.) 6
Shrimp, cooked 1/2 cup (2 oz.) 1
Bread, regular One slice (1 oz.) 2
Butter One tea spoon 3
Caesar salad 3 cups 9
Cheeseburger One McDonald Medium 12
Chocolate 1 oz. 4
Cucumber One cup 0
Hamburger One McDonald Medium 9
Lettuce One cup 0
Pizza One slice (5 oz.) 8-14
Potato (uncooked) One cup (8 oz.) 4
Rice, cooked One cup 5
Sandwich One serving 10-20
Tomato One cup 0
Apple Cider / Juice One cup 3
Beer, regular One can or bottle 5
Coca-Cola Classic One cup 5
Diet Coke One cup 0
Milk, low-fat (1%) One cup 3
Milk, low-fat (2%) One cup 4
Milk, whole One cup 5
Orange Juice One cup 4
Sprite One cup 5
Yogurt One cup 6
With this fundamental information, you can take the appropriate steps to improve your health, energy, and fitness by using a robust wellness program such as Weight Watchers. Improving your diet can reduce your BMI , better your cardiovascular health, help control diabetes, reduce joint pains, and improve your outlook.
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