Volume calculations for regularly shaped solids

Volume Conversion Calculator - Cone, Ball, Cube, Rectangular/cylindrical Tank

A Calculator has designed this Volume Calculator to make the calculation of volumes easier without remembering the difficult formulas of volume. Using this Volume Calculator you can now easily calculate the volume of cone, volume of ball, and volume of cube. Volume of cylinder or cylindrical tank and volume of rectangular tank can also be calculated using this Volume Calculator.

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What is the Volume of Ball?
Insert the value of radius of the ball and use the ‘Calculate’ button to find your answer. Volume of a ball is calculated as: 4/3?r 3 , where r is the value of radius.
What is the Volume of a Cone
To calculate the volume of a cone with this Volume Calculator , you have to know the values for height and radius of the base. Volume of cone is calculated as: (1/3) x ?r 2 h, where r is the value of radius and h is the height.
What is the Volume of a Cube
Specify the edge length of the cube you want calculate the volume for to and click on ‘Calculate’. Formula to calculate the volume of cube is: a 3 , where a is denoted for edge length.
What is the Volume of a Cylinder
Volume of a cylinder is measured as: 1/3?r 2 h; where r is the radius of the base, h is the height, and ?=3.1416. You need to input the base radius and length of the cylinder only to find out the volume.
What is the Volume of a Rectangular Tank
Input the length, width, and height of the rectangular tank to find its volume. Volume of a rectangular tank is calculated as: (a x b x c), where a, b, c stand for length, width, and height of the rectangular tank.