Time Calculator – Add or Subtract Time Units

Add And Subtract Time Unit Calculator

The Time Calculator is helpful if you are looking to add to or subtract from a specific time. This Time Calculator enables you to add or subtract days, hours, minutes, and seconds as well. You can also use the time duration Calculator and date duration calculator to see how long an event was lasting.

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Day/Hour/Minute/Second Calculation
Step 1
The first line of the calculator for day, hour, minute, and second represents the time based on which the calculation will be made. Specify the number of complete days to be used in your calculation.
Step 2
Choose addition (+) or subtraction (-) to be performed by the Time Calculator.
Step 3
Mention the days, hours, minutes, and seconds you want to add with or subtract from the base time mentioned earlier.
Step 4
Use the ‘Calculate’ button to find the answer of the Time Calculator.