Savings, Taxes, and Inflation (Australian)

ACalculator is a super financial analyzer. This calculator will find out the effect of inflation and tax on the amount of your savings. You can now understand the value of your savings if there were no tax on your return and no inflation in the economy.
Amount currently saved
Amount of money available to you as savings.
Savings per month
Monthly amount to be contributed by you on the savings. While analyzing your savings per month, it is assumed that at the starting of every month you make those contributions.
Years to save
Number of years you are expecting to save.
Annual rate of return
Rate, by which you are expecting to earn return yearly from the savings.
Tax rate
The percentage rate of marginal tax.
Other levies
The rate of any other charges and levies you are subject to.
Expected inflation rate
Annual percentage rate of expected price or cost increase over the savings period.