Refinance your Home – The right ti...

Taking a brief look at the history of mortgage rates, they are on a steady decline since the 1980’s, when we were seeing interest rates of up to 176%! However, in a more recent comparison rates have continued to drop since 2008, when they were sitting at around 6-7% for a 30 year fixed rate mortgageLower Interest RatesNow, interest rates

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Mortgage Terminology Continued – H...

When it comes to getting a mortgage there are some immediate questions that come to mind regarding how you want to structure the loan Are you looking for a fixed rate, or adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) Meanwhile, further variances include options such as 7/1 ARM and 5/1 ARM If you’re not familiar with these terms it can be very confusing, as

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Loan – Home buyers Guide

Type of Loan Your first choice is deciding what type of mortgage product will be suitable for you This will take into account how much you have available for a down payment, how much income you can prove, and what you credit score is Some products come with mortgage insurance, while others do notConventional Home LoanA conventional home

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