Square Footage Calculator

This Square Footage Calculator has been designed to determine the square footage of simple shapes. Use this Square Footage Calculator to easily calculate the square footage of rectangle, square footage of triangle, square footage of trapezoid, and square footage of circle. Square Footage Calculator is essential in finding the square footage in order to estimate the cost per square foot while building a home, painting a home, or putting down flooring.

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Square Footage of Rectangle

Input the values of length and edge of the rectangle to measure the square footage of rectangle. Area of a rectangle is calculated as: (length x edge) and can be converted into square footage.

Square Footage of Triangle

Insert the values for all the three edges of the triangle and click on “Calculate” to find the square footage of triangle using this Square Footage Calculator.

Square Footage of Trapezoid

To calculate the square foot of trapezoid are, mention the top edge, bottom edge, and height of the trapezoid. The area of trapezoid is calculated as: Ѕ(top edge + bottom edge) x height and the result then can be easily converted into foot unit.

Square Footage of Circle

Area of circle is measured as: ?r2; where r is the radius and ? = 3.1416. You need to input the radius of the circle only to find out square footage of the circle while using our Square Footage Calculator.