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Customers who choose our financial calculators will also be entitled to the following Services. A Calculator Needs to be modified according to its users’ needs. This is why we provide over 300 finance calculators for a variety of economic
objectives whether you need to sort out your investment goals or need to figure out complex payroll deductions. In order to ensure that
visitors receive calculators that cater to their every need we also provide customers the chance to put their own customized
calculators with their own brand on their websites for a fee.

Personal Finance Calculator

Every individual dreams of owning a house, pay all of his taxes on time and retire comfortably. Dealing with the financial pitfalls of such plans however, is a whole other story entirely. Making life changing decisions can become problematic especially if they happen to be of a financial nature. In time it can be difficult to make out a sound financial strategy from a wrong one.

Who knew that a calculator would help you understand estimated tax bills and determine the amount of savings you will need to save for your retirement plans. Our personal finance calculators are designed to help you determine the effects of each financial decision. Our credit and loan assessment calculators will help you gauge the effects of any type of loan repayment. Look before you leap and choose financial strategies that will have a positive effect on your economic future.


Paying for property has more to do than just purchasing it. The amount of your loan, interest rate and the terms of the mortgage have a significant impact on what you will eventually have to pay for the property. Home owners also have to deal with monthly property taxes, hazard insurance and sometimes private mortgage insurance as well. Use our mortgage calculators to determine the long term effects of these variables onyour finances.

The payments on adjustable mortgage rates are bound to vary as interest rates change. Use our Adjustable Rate Mortgage calculator to see how what effect various interest rate predictions will have on your monthly payments and keep tabs on the total interest paid on the life of a loan.


Use online tax calculators to determine whether you still owe money to the IRS or whether you are liable to receive a tax refund. The annual tax liability you will have to deal with can be uncertain if you ignore your payments. Use a calculator to estimate average and marginal tax rates as well as tax liability.

It can be surprising how much you can save on taxes once you itemize deductions to reduce the interest on your mortgage. Use a calculator from our plethora of financial calculators to figure out the amount of potential tax savings from your mortgage.

Investments are taxed differently according to type. For example, some investments are taxed at the state level while others are taxed federally. There are also investments that can be taxed both federally and at the state level. Use a calculator to compare varying investment returns and be prepared.

Personal Loan

How much debt is too much? Our loan calculators will help you figure this out and more. Our free and custom calculators will help you estimate monthly payment figures for both unsecured and secure loans. Choose the number of years, annual interest rates and the estimated loan amount as well as end of term balloon payments to see for yourself.

Stay consistent with regular payments towards debt and your loan will be paid off in no time. Use an amortizing loan calculator you can evaluate the loan amount for a given amount of payment, from our arsenal to determine the amount of monthly payments you will have to make to resolve your debt.

Auto Loan

Our free and paid calculators will help you work out monthly payment plans for a vehicle. We make auto leasing and purchase look easy. Choose the amount of your loan, the number of years you will need to pay it off, the annual interest rate as well as any end balloon payments or deposits. Use an auto loan calculator from our impressive array and analyze the financial impacts of the lease versus buy options available to you.

Besides Auto Loans customers can also use our calculator to determine lease and loan based options for purchasing vehicles. With lower interest rates and tax deductibility it can be hard to figure out whether you should go for a home equity loan or an auto loan for your car. Play it safe. Compare what you might have to pay for both on a monthly basis with a Home Equity Auto loan comparison calculator from our range. Save yourself time, money and know your options before leasing a vehicle.


In order to have a credit score you need to keep all of your debt payments in check, use an appropriate mix of credit and keep tabs on available credit. Our credit calculator will help you determine a range of credit scores.

Credit score evaluations vary according to different credit bureaus. Analyze and estimate what category your score falls in by using our credit score calculators. Will refinancing your auto loan save you money? Use a
Credit Card Pay Off calculator from our credit score calculators and find out. This will give you the chance to adjust the term of your existing auto loan and tweak your monthly payments exactly as you want. Use our Auto Loans calculator to determine whether refinancing your loans is really worth it.


Chart out a perimeter for your investment plan. Calculate an annualized rate of return given by a stock’s current dividend, estimate an investment loan , and keep tabs on the stock market with ease.

An investment calculator can help you evaluate your personal income and see whether your business is prospering or floundering in debt. Businesses need to generate cash statements in order to estimate their expenses and total income which in turn helps them determine profitability . For this to be possible business owners also have to predict the projection of future cash flows on a regular basis. These are based on assumptions about the potential rise or decline of personal income or incurred expenses.

It is important for business owners to determine the number of units they will need to sell in order to deal with their start-up costs while keeping profit margins in mind. Use our Breakeven Analysis calculator to figure out the number of units that you will need to breakeven thereby determining the potential profits you might receive on future sales volumes.