How Eating Out Can Eat Your Budget – Vice Savings Calculator Helps You Control If Not Quit

When it comes to budgeting, everyone complains about how it never worked for them. What they fail to understand is that budget is not about listing down your major monthly expenses such as mortgage payments, utility bills and fuel costs, etc.

How Eating Out Can Eat Your Budget – Vice Savings Calculator Helps You Control If Not Quit

While the list of essentials is always limited, these are not the only things you spend your money on. The budget is usually toppled by unnoticeable and unplanned expenses such as a pack of cigarette you buy everyday or the hot dog you eat almost three times a week. In order to help people realize how much they spend on these petty things, we have designed the savings vice calculator.

Now things like smoking, shopping and eating out are not exactly what we count as vices, but when they turn into habit or addiction they become fatal for your finances. Speaking of eating out, there is more than just one reason why it is not good for your budget. Before we explain how the calculator actually works, let us take a look at the reasons why an epicure needs to change the eating out habit.

Home Made Food is relatively cheaper

Do you realize that you can actually buy a whole chicken for the price of a fast food meal for one? The fast food may be more convenient but it is never a cost effective option. It is okay to treat yourself once or twice a month but making it a habit. It is best to make a grocery budget every month and buy all the items you need to prepare delicious food at home. Even if you have time constraints, you can learn some instant and quick recipes. Prepare in quantity that would suffice you for days and freeze it.

Eating Out is Unhealthy

That may not sound like a financial drawback itself but think in terms of medical bills. A study conducted in this aspect confirms that people who eat out on a regular basis are likely to suffer from stomach infection and digestive problems. Restaurants, regardless of the location and prices, are notorious for their unhygienic kitchens and unhealthy ingredients. The food may contain bacteria that can affect the immune system. As a result, you need to see a doctor, and pay the fee, more often.

How Savings Vice Calculator Can Help?

Savings vice calculator works as a motivator. If you eat-out regularly, nothing can stop you unless you see the actually amount of money you can save. This is exactly what the savings vice calculator calculates. For many families, the amount of money saved on eating out can reach up to a good thousand dollars a month.

However, the calculator doesn’t only focus on completely quitting a vice. Be it smoking, drinking, shopping or eating out, we know it is hard to quit these habits completely. That is why the tool is designed to help you evaluate your savings by controlling the habits to some extent. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t let these vice eat your budget.

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