Don’t Delay Your Savings! (Australian)

Your earning ability is distorted following your delay to start savings. You can earn significantly a more by starting savings earlier and increasing maturity. This ACalculator will tell how the effect of taking late savings initiative.
Starting amount
The amount of money you have already invested or saved. For superior calculation, it is assumed that your current invested or saved amount is realizing your expected return without considering your future contributions. So, if you make no further contribution there will be no effect of delaying savings.
Additional contributions
Assuming you contribute at the starting of every period, this is the total amount of money you are expecting to contribute additionally every year.
It’s the duration of your planned investment or savings.
Rate of return
This is the rate of return you are expecting from the investments. You can also select the accumulation frequency of your earnings in your investment account. But, it is important to know that future rates of return cannot be foreseen and investments that pay higher rates of return have a higher risk and are more volatile.
Years to wait
Duration of your delaying investment. Your new contributions will then be delayed by this number of years.
Cost of waiting
The amount of loss for delaying savings or investment.
Required contribution
The periodic amount you need to contribute now to adjust the lost amount for delay and earn the same return from your investment or savings.