Roth vs. Traditional 403(b)

Roth vs. Traditional 403(b) Calculator

Since the arrival of Roth 403(b) retirement savings plan in January 2006, it has become difficult to make a decision between the tradition 403(b) and Roth 403(b) as neither of these two has an absolute advantage. This online financial analyzer will help you to determine a plan that can maximize the output, particularly for you.

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Current age
Mention your age here.
Age of retirement
The age at which you will retire. If your retirement age is, say 70, the last payment you make toward the retirement savings account is at the age of 69.
Annual contribution
Total amount of money you are planning to contribute to the 403(b) retirement plan every year.
Invest traditional tax-savings
Checking this box will let the calculator consider your tax savings as investment into the traditional 403(b) retirement account.
Maximize contributions
If you want to deposit the maximum allowable amount to the account, check this box.
Expected rate of return
The rate by which you wish your savings to grow every year in a 403(b) account.
Current tax rate
Marginal tax rate applicable on your taxable contributions till the time you are working.
Retirement tax rate
Your estimated yearly marginal rate of tax at the time of retirement.