Roth vs. Traditional 401(k) and your Paycheck

Roth vs. Traditional 401(k) and Your Paycheck Calculator

OkCalculator is an effective retirement planner. This calculator will be of your assistance to compare 401(k) retirement savings accounts with different attributes. After you input the required parameters, the calculator will show the difference in outcomes for the Roth 401(k) and the traditional 401(k) with paychecks.

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Current age
Your age during the year you are doing this calculation.
Age of retirement
Your age of retirement.
Current tax rate
Marginal tax rate currently charged on all your taxable earnings. Though you must consult with your tax advisor, you should primarily visit for up to date tax classification table.
Retirement tax rate
The marginal rate of Federal Income Tax you are supposed to pay on withdrawal after you retire.
Hypothetical rate of return
An assumption of what could be the rate of return for the 401(k) account. For a better calculation, the calculator will presume that your deposits will take place at the beginning of all the periods.
Current income
Size of your current income earned annually.
Annual contribution
Amount of dollar you are expecting to contribute yearly to your 401(k) retirement account. OkCalculator assumes that these contributions are the sum of 12 monthly equal deposits which were put in to the account at the beginning of every month.
Current contribution type
Choose the type of contribution you are currently making.
Pay frequency
How often you receive paychecks.