Roth IRA – Estimate your balance

Roth IRA Calculator

Roth IRA allows you to make tax-free contributions to the account and eventually provides tax-free earnings from your retirement savings account. This calculator is happy to assist you in finding out the total contributions to the account and the Roth balance at retirement.

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Starting balanc
Initial balance of the Roth IRA.
Annual contribution
Amount of dollars you have planned and eligible to put into the Roth IRA account every year. OkCalculator has a common assumption that you make your contributions at the very beginning of each of the year.
Current age
Your present age.
Age of retirement
Your estimated age of retirement from the workplace.
Expected rate of return
Rate of return you are confident to earn yearly from the IRA.
Marginal tax rate
Marginal rate of tax applicable on your taxable savings accounts.
Total contributions
Total amount of dollar you will contribute toward the IRA.
Maximize contributions
Checking this box will consider that you will contribute the maximum possible amount to the account during each and every year. Therefore, it must combine the eligible catch-up contribution you can make at the age of 50.
Total taxable savings
Amount of dollar you have accumulated in retirement savings account which is taxable.
Roth total at retirement
Calculated value of the Roth IRA at the retirement. You can make tax free withdrawals from this account in case of death, disability, and home purchase. After the age of 59.5, tax-free withdrawals are also available. Roth IRA Calculator