Roofing Calculator

Need to calculate the roofing area and required roofing materials? Use this online Roofing Calculator to determine the roof area in square foot, square inch, square yard, square centimeter, and square meter. Also, find out the roofing materials needed as in the United States with the help of this Roofing Calculator.

House Base Area

The area of the land (in square foot, square inch, square centimeter, square meter, square yard) which is the base of the house. This should include the areas of the land covered with eaves. You can use our Area Calculator provided by ACalculator to determine the area of the house base. In case the house is not in a regular shape, you should divide the house base into small regular shapes and then find their areas to add together.

Roof Pitch

This is the steepness or gradient of the roof. It can be found by dividing the vertical rise by the horizontal span.


The Roofing Calculator will show the estimated roof area along with the common materials (shingles, ceramic tile etc.) needed in United States.