Retirement Shortfall (Australian)

Are you interested to know how long your retirement savings will last? To overcome the problem of falling short of money after your retirement, this ACalculator will show you the time it will take to finish your retirement savings. Fortunately, this will help you to adjust your amount of investment, expected rate of return, retirement age, and post-retirement expenses so that you don’t run out of money for a specified period of time.
Current retirement savings
The amount of retirement savings currently held by you in different retirement savings plan.
Monthly contributions
The total monthly contribution to the retirement accounts by you and employer. For retirement shortfall calculation, it is assumed that these contributions are constant up to the retirement and made at the starting of every month.
Years before reaching preservation age
The duration (in years) till when you have to save. This is the difference between your current age and age of retirement.
Number of years in retirement
The expected number of years you may spend in retirement. Enter a longer period if this spending will also be used for your spouse.
Annual retirement expenses
This is the after-tax annual expense in retirement. If you check the ‘Increase expenses with inflation’ option, your retirement expenses will increase every year to automatically adjusted for given expected rate of inflation.
Expected inflation rate
Expected rate of annual inflation over longer period of time.
Rate of return before retirement
Before you retire, this is your anticipated before tax rate of return compounded annually.
Rate of return during retirement
The annual expected rate of return during the retirement.
Superannuation tax
Amount of superannuation tax applicable to the years before you reach the preservation age.
Other fees
Maintenance, supervision and other fees charged to the superannuation fund.