How long will my retirement savings last?

How Long will my Retirement Savings Last Calculator

How long will your retirement savings last? This calculator is intended to show you how long the retirement savings plan can serve you. So, you will be able to adjust your monthly distribution amount if the current condition is not satisfactory enough.
Cumulative savings at retirement
Enter the amount of cumulative savings at the time of retirement. To find out this value, combine your current retirement savings, future retirement savings, and possible income from the sale of assets. Don’t include expected inheritances and incomes from return.
Amount you want to spend annually in retirement
Amount of dollar you wish to spend every year in the retirement phase.
After tax rate of return in retirement
Rate of return you are expecting to earn from the investments in retirement. This field is required to fill up with the expected after-tax rate of return. The actual rate of return depends on the composition of your investment portfolio.
Expected inflation rate
Your expected rate of average inflation over the long-term.
The amount of dollar you are planning to put into or draw from the retirement account at the starting of every year.
Year to start
When the first additional amount will be added or distributed.
Year to end
The last time you will add to or withdraw from the retirement savings.