Retirement Nestegg Calculator

Nestegg Calculator

How much should you accumulate for an insured post-retirement future? Use this nest egg retirement calculator, it’s easy to find out the amount of savings you may need at retirement. JavaScript is required to function this calculator properly. Beside, click on the ‘Allow Blocked Content’ if you are browsing with Internet Explorer.

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Current age
Your age during this calculation.
Age of retirement
Your age when you have planned to retire.
Household income
Total amount of household income (including your spouse’s income if you are married).
Current retirement savings
Amount of dollar that you have already saved in different retirement accounts.
Rate of return before retirement
Rate of return from the investments before you retire. This must be the annual and after-tax rate of return as you expect to earn.
Rate of return during retirement
Normally, a lower rate of return, expected by you from the investments during the retirement phase. This is the annual after-tax rate of return you are supposed to earn.
Expected income increase
Your expected rate of annual increase in your total household incomes.
Years of retirement income
Length of time (in year) you wish to deploy funds from the retirement savings.
Income required at retirement
Portion of the household income (preceding year of retirement) you will need to support your livings at the retirement.
Expected rate of inflation
Percentage rate by which you are expecting the general price level to increase over the long time period.
Married checkbox
If you are not married, you don’t need to check this box. Checking this box will increase the maximum amount (1.5 times more) you are eligible to receive as social security benefit.
Include Social Security checkbox
If you are competent to receive social security benefits, you must check this box. This will increase your income after you retire from the workplace.