Retirement Income Calculator

Online Retirement Income Calculator

What is your monthly income after retirement? Using your starting balance toward retirement savings, annual contributions, current age, retirement age, expected rate of return etc. this calculator will find out the monthly income after your retire. To be more accurate, this calculator will adjust for your specified level of inflation and tax rate.

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Starting balance
Balance already available in your retirement savings account. This can also be the initial balance in case of a new retirement savings plan.
Annual contributions
If we assume the contributions will take place at the starting phase of each year, this will be the amount of dollar you will contribute toward the account every year.
Current age
Your up-to-date age.
Retirement age
When you have planned to retire.
Rate of earnings before retirement
Your expected rate of return from all the investments before your retirement. This is the rate of annual return before taxes are calculated on the earnings.
Rate of earnings during retirement
Rate of return from the investments as you are expecting to receive during the retirement. This rate is also compounded annually and not adjusted for taxes. This rate is basically lower than the rate you earned on investments before the retirement.
Current tax rate
Current rate of tax charged on your total taxable incomes. This is also the marginal tax rate applicable on your income.
Retirement tax rate
Rate of marginal tax applicable on your incomes at the retirement phase.
Expected inflation rate
Your expected rate of yearly inflation.
Years of retirement
Total number of years you are expecting to live after the retirement.
Inflation adjustment checkbox
If you check this box, overall calculation will be adjusted for the rate of inflation you estimated.
Tax-deferred savings checkbox
If the pension account earnings are deposited into any tax-deferred savings account (i.e. 401(k), 457(b), legislative 403(b), IRA etc.), check this box.