Resistance Calculator

Ohm's Law Calculator - Resistance

The Resistor Calculator will calculate the total value of resistance for a given set of resistors. You can determine the resistors in parallel and resistors in series using this free Resistor Calculator from OkCalculator. Using this resistor calculation it is very much possible to divide the complex circuits into series circuits and parallel circuits.

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Resistors in Parallel
Separating by comma “,” Input the values of resistance in parallel to calculate the
total resistance in parallel.
Equation for resistors in parallel is: R
total = {1 / (1/R
1 + 1/R
2 + 1/R
3 … + 1/R
n )}
Resistors in Series
Provide the values of resistors series in this field by separating them with comma “,”. Use the “Calculate” button to find the total
resistance in series .
Equation for resistors in series is: R
total = R
1 + R
2 + R
3 … + R