Present Value Calculator

Find The Present Value

Do you want to know the present value of your future earnings from deposit? Scrutinizing the starting and ending date of deposit, periodic deposit, frequency of deposit, rate of return, and compounding method, this financial calculator will tell you that. The report will breakdown this calculation by selected periods.

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Start date
The date when you started deposit payment. Present value will be calculated for the date.
End date
The future date when you will have profits generated from the deposit.
Future value
The amount that will be worth at the above mentioned ‘End Date’.
Periodic deposit (withdrawal)
Amount of money that you are expecting to contribute to the account till the ‘End Date’.
Deposit frequency
This illustrates how frequently you will make deposits. You can make deposits either weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.
Rate of return
This is the rate of return you are expecting to earn from the deposit savings. This should reflect the rate of return offered on other investment and deposits. But this stated rate is only your expectations and the type of investment you choose has an effect on the actual rate of return.
Compounding method
Choose how frequently the return will be compounded.
Deposits at beginning
If you check this box, the calculator will assume that you will make all your deposits or withdrawals at the beginning of your chosen period.