Pension Plan Retirement Options Calculator

Pension Plan Retirement Options Calculator for Free

With the help of this calculator, it is easy to choose the best pension plan among the alternatives. Combining your and your spouse’s current age, life expectancy, your retirement age, insurance costs, rate of return and other particulars, this calculator will show you the savings and monthly distributions for single annuitant and joint survivor annuitant.

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Current age
Your current age.
Retirement age
Your planned retirement age.
Your life expectancy
Number of years you expect to live as per your life expectancy table.
Spouse age
Age of your spouse during the calculation.
Spouse’s life expectancy
Life expectancy of your spouse. This must be estimated using the life expectancy table.
Single pension at retirement
If you prefer a single life pension plan, this is the amount you are eligible to receive monthly from the pension plan.
Joint pension at retirement
Amount of payment you can receive monthly by choosing the joint survivor pension plan.
Insurance cost per thousand
Assuming your life insurance has no value in terms of cash, this is the anticipated yearly cost of life insurance. This cost should be introduced as it takes to provide coverage for every thousand dollars.
Indexed for COLA
If the Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) is adjusted for your pension plan, you need to check the box.
COLA annual adjustment
Enter the rate by which your current cost of living is supposed to increase every year. This is similar of your expected average inflation rate over the long-term.
Rate of return on investments
Your anticipated rate of return from the investment. This is the estimated income you are expecting to earn every year.