Net Worth Calculator (Canadian)

ACalculator is capable of finding out and forecasting your net worth which is the difference of your total assets and total liabilities. A positive net worth indicates you have more assets than your liabilities. On the contrary, a negative net worth indicates you have more liabilities than assets. So, net worth illustrates your current financial position and is important to get alarms of being bankrupt. Net Worth Calculator (Canadian) uses real estate, personal property, investment, cash in hand, mortgage and other loan instruments available in your portfolio to determine the current net worth and forecast the future net worth using that pattern.
The current market value of your residence. Market value of home increases as time passes by. So, the book value and market value will differ significantly if the home was purchased number of years ago. For a more realistic calculation, it is better to have less difference between book value and market value.
Other real-estate
This field will include value of all the real estate you own excluding the home you use to live. So, it will include market value of commercial buildings, undeveloped land, land under development, and rental property as well.
Calculate the price of all the vehicles (excluding leased one) you own, add them and input the total here.
Other vehicles
This is the value of all other automobiles like campers or collectibles, RVs etc.
This is the value of all the precious metals you own, including those in the form of jewelry, measured at current market price.
Household items
In this of ACalculator, you must input the value of household items like furniture, paintings etc.
Registered retirement accounts
This is the value of RRSP, pension funds, annuities and other receivables from your retirement accounts.
The amount of dollar invested in different types of mid-term and long-term bonds like commercial bonds, government treasury bonds etc.
Stocks are the purchased ownership in a company. This is the total of all your stocks other than those put into RRSP.
Mutual funds
The total value of all the mutual funds owned excluding those put into RRSP.
Cash value of life insurance
This is the value of purchased life insurance policy. Sometimes, life insurance policies are sold with a cash value known as surrender value. This surrender value is realized when you redeem the policy before its maturity.
Savings bonds
The total value of your bond investment.
Chequing and savings
Current value available in your chequing and savings accounts.
The total amount of available cash in hand.
The value of other assets excluding those described above.
Home mortgage principal
The amount of repayable money for the bailment of mortgaged property. This is the remaining principal balance on mortgage loan.
Other mortgage principal
The amount of repayable dollar for the bailment of mortgaged properties other than home (i.e. commercial building, undeveloped land, land under development). This is the remaining principal balance on mortgage loan.
Auto loans
The remaining repayable on your auto loan accounts.
Student loans
ACalculator considers your education loan liabilities to calculate the net worth. This is the outstanding amount of loan on student or education loan account.
Other loans
The value of other loans excluding those described above.
Credit card debt
Total amount of debt on credit card.