Net Worth Calculator (Australian)

Net worth is the difference between the value of your total assets and total liabilities. So, a positive net worth indicates your financial soundness and your ability to pay off liabilities. Consequently, a negative result indicates your financial weakness and your inability to pay off liabilities. Beside current net worth, this calculator is also effective in estimating future net worth.
Annual asset growth
The expected rate of positive or negative growth in assets value over a period of one year.
Annual liability growth
Your expected rate of positive or negative expansion in liabilities value over a period of one year.
Current market value of the home where you live. This can exceed the book value if the house was purchased and owned by you for a significant number of years.
Other real estate
Total market value of all other real estate owned by you. For example, second homes, commercial buildings, undeveloped land, land under development, rental assets etc.
Total value of your owned automobiles excluding the leased one.
Other vehicles
Price of vehicles like truck, campers, RVs are used here.
The current market value of all your jewelries and valuable metals.
Household items
The total market value of household items like home appliances, furniture, decorations etc.
Retirement accounts
Total value of retirement accounts such as registered retirement account, pension funds, annuities etc.
Your investment in all types of commercial, municipality, or govt. treasure bonds in current market price.
Market value of stocks you are holding.
Mutual funds
Current market value of mutual funds you are holding.
Cash value of life insurance
This is the surrender value of your life insurance policy when you cash out the instrument before maturity.
Savings bonds
Current value of the savings bonds you invested in.
Checking and savings
Current value available in your checking and savings accounts.
The amount of cash available in hand.
If you have any other valuable assets, enter the total value here.
Home mortgage principal
The remaining principal payable on your home mortgage loan.
Other mortgage principal
The remaining principal payable on other than home mortgage loan.
Auto loans
The remaining balance on your auto loan.
Student loans
Value of any available student loan balance dues.
Credit card debt
Total amount of your credit card debt.
Other loans
Value of other loans excluded so far in this calculation.