Municipal Bond Tax Equivalent Yield Calculator

Municipal Bond Tax Yield Calculators

Using Municipal Bond Tax Equivalent Yield Calculator, the municipal bond holders are able to calculate the tax equivalent yield of their invested municipal bond. Municipal bonds in U.S. are free from the federal income tax as well as the state income tax rate. So, you are able to find out the amount of income you saved using these tax shield.
Bond yield
Percentage rate of yield earned on the municipal bond annually.
Estimated taxable income
The estimated amount of income that would be taxed. This is the before tax income found by adjusting exemptions and deductions from the income. This taxable income is combined with the filing status to calculate the rate of marginal tax rate. Form 1040 or Form 1040A of income tax will help you to find the applicable taxable income for this year. Consult with your tax advisor to get further help on this regard.
Federal tax filing status
The filing status shows applicable tax rate for different persons. This information is combined with the estimated taxable income to calculate the marginal tax rate.
State income tax rate
The percentage rate of marginal state income tax.