Mortgage Loan Calculator (Australian)

Using ACalculator, you can develop an explicable amortization plan for your mortgage loan. This amortization calculator will describe how much you money you are going to pay as principal and interest over the mortgage loan payment period. You will also be provided with the effects of any early repayment (prepayment) of principal. To get a more comprehensive insight of yearly or monthly analysis, switch to the reports.
Mortgage amount
The value provided by the mortgage loan based on appraised value of the mortgaged property.
Interest rate
Rate of interest charged annually on the mortgage loan.
Amortization period
The estimated duration of repayment. It’s the number of years it will take you to fully pay back the loan assuming you will make no prepayments.
Mortgage payment
Total amount of mortgage payment found by adding principal and interest (PI) paid on this loan.
Fortnightly payments
Payments are made every second week. The strategy for fortnightly payments analyzes your weekly calculation by considering 52 weeks in a year or 26 payments.
Total payments
Total amount of money paid monthly to repay the loan till it is fully repaid.
Total interest
Assuming that you will make no prepayments, this is the total amount of money paid as interest over the amortization period.