Australian Long Term Care Calculator

OkCalculator is designed in such ways that it can assist you whenever you fail to do financial calculations by yourself. This Australian long term care calculator is intended to help people who are unable to take care of themselves due to injury or some serious illness. Considering your estimated daily cost, currently available funds, inflation rate, and years of care this calculator will analyze what should be your need and by how much your need is unprotected during the phase of long term care.
Estimated daily cost
The estimated cost of long term care. This will include charges for events like staying in nursing home, rent of cabin in clinic, home healthcare aid etc. This cost will vary depending on area you reside and quality of long term care you desire.
Years of care
The expected number of years you may need to stay under long term care.
Inflation rate
The annual rate of cost increase as being expected.
Funds currently available
Amount of your already saved or invested money available to meet the cost of long term care.