Logarithm Calculator – log(x)

Logarithm Calculator - Solve Logarithmic Equations

Using this Log Calculator from OkCalculator it is now easiest to make calculation for logarithms. The logarithm of any number to any given base is the exponent or power to which the base is raised to generate that number.

Logarithmic Equations Calculator - Solve log(x)Log

Specify the number for which the log will be calculated for a given base.

Logarithmic Equations Calculator - Solve log(x)Base

Choose the base for the log calculation. You can choose between exponential, 2, 10, or any other base as required.

Logarithmic Equations Calculator - Solve log(x)Basic Log Rules

The basic logarithm rules for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are:

logb(x*y) = logb(x) + logb(y)
logb(x/y) = logb(x) - logb(y)
logb(xy) = y*logb(x)
logb(x) = logk(x)/logk(b)