Loan Comparison Calculator (Australian)

Are you thinking of taking loan from a financial institute in Australia? Let me tell you one thing, it would be really unwise to decide on a loan offer without verifying other loan options available in the market. Using this ACalculator, you can now compare up to three loan options at a time. But, these critical calculations can’t be completed just by focusing on differing monthly payments of the available loans. By considering interest rate, payment type, term length and other information, this calculator will provide you with a more comprehensive analysis so that you can find out the appropriate loan offer for you with an ease.
Loan amount
The amount of loan in this option.
Interest rate
Percentage rate of interest on this loan.
Loan term
The estimated duration of repayment. Starting from 1 year, you can choose up to 30 years to pay off the loan. The number of years required to amortize the loan will be shorter if this option has a balloon payment.
Amortization is the number of years used to calculate the monthly payment. The number of years required to amortize the loan will be shorter if this option has a balloon payment.
brokerage fee
Amount of money charged by the broker. This fee is integrated in the calculation of APR.
Establishment Fee
Amount of upfront fees charged on this loan. The establishment fee is also included in Annual Percentage rate.
Other fees
Prepaid interest and other fees that are not considers as brokerage or establishment fees. These are also incorporated in APR calculation.
Other costs
Total amount of costs that is not included so far. APR is also influenced by these costs.
Monthly loan payment
Total amount of monthly payments which include principal loan amount and interest.
Annual percentage rate (APR)
Annual Percentage Rate is a standard system to translate various fees and charges of different loan options into a single rate, single fees, and single term so that you can estimate and compare whatever number of loan options you have as loan proposal. No matter if there are higher rates but lower fees or lower rates but higher fees, they will be integrated in common measurements.
Balloon payment
If the loan terms are smaller than the amortization period, this is the amount of your last payment to fully payoff the loan. So, this is equal to the remaining portion of principal and interest after the end of loan term.