Life Expectancy Calculator (Canadian)

Calculations of the future plan, life insurance plan, retirement savings plan etc. depend mostly on how you define your life expectancy. Considering your age, height, weight, gender, habits, lifestyle and other information this ACalculator is supposed to tell you about your life expectancy.
Current age
Your present age.
Different gender has different mortality rate and thus different mortality tables. That’s why ACalculator uses gender to calculate life expectancy.
As per the mortality tables, your smoking habit reduces your level of life expectancy.
Weight & height
Your current height and weight. If the weight is found imbalanced with the height, your life expectancy will be reduced. This calculator will also take your expected weight change in consideration.
Alcohol Consumption
If you have drinking habit, its extent will play with the definition of your life expectancy.
Whether you drive or not, and the way you drive is a good measure of chances you can hit accidents. Your driving history is a reliable measure of your future driving pattern.
Blood pressure & family medical history
Your life expectancy is highly dependent on your health condition and medical history. This calculator counts for diabetes, blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and parents health to justify your health condition.