Investment Property Loan Calculator

Can I Afford An Investment Property?

Investment loans are not too dissimilar from other categories of home loans. You have the option to choose from fixed and variable interest rates. The two types of loans that have a tendency to be more striking to investors are the interest only loans and the line of credit loans. With regular home loans, the repayment is combined with the interest owed by the principal amount borrowed by you.Calculator provides an estimate of how much an investment property will cost.

Investment Property Loan Calculator

It provides an estimate of the amount of cash you will require (or receive) on a monthly an annual basis to fund your investment property. It also gives an indication of the change in the amount of tax you will pay due to owning an investment property. These two measures are then combined to provide a measure of the after tax profit or loss associated with owning an investment property.
Advantages of Investment property calculator :
  • The monthly repayments are less in comparison to principal pay off.
  • The tax deductions are only liable on the interest payments, and not on the principal repayments.
  • The calculation of the true returns from a property is made easier.

Line of credit A line of credit is a method that is utilized to tap into any equity built up in a particular property. It’s a deposit for the investment made on property. It permits you to withdraw a fixed amount to pay for whatsoever you wish for. It’s similar to a credit card with a huge limit, and the equity in the home proceeds as security for the loan. Loan amount – Total amount that you would like to borrow for the investment purpose. If you don’t hold your own money to the investment, then it would be the amount of your investment also. Loan term in years – This indicates the tenure in years to repay the loan. Loan interest rate – This is the percentage rate of interest, charged on the total amount of loan by the creditor. This is calculated as a monthly compounded interest rate. Opening investment value – This is the primary value of the planned investment. In case, the investment is made exclusively by the borrowed amount, then this is equivalent to the loan amount entered by you formerly. Also, the money from other loan along with the borrowed fund is calculated as the invested value. Investment rate of return – The yearly expected rate of return that compounds annually from your chosen investment. In reality, the actual rate of return may not be similar. Percent reinvested – This is the portion of return from the presently planned investment that is going to be re-invested. In case, your planned investment contributes you $3000 every month, and you are reinvesting 60% of the monthly return, then the anticipated amount of reinvestment will be $1,800.

How Property investment loans works?

The Investment Loan Calculator aids in the determination of the monthly payment amount, principal loan amount and the percentage interest rate for an Investment Loan. Monthly Payment Amount – The monthly amount payable by you for the loan interest may be the similar as the traditional investment plan. The additional costs may be the similar with a traditional investment plan. The leveraged investment has the prospective to create greater returns, since the principal amount invested has an extensive time to grow. Principal Loan Amount The larger amount is invested rather than building a series of little contributions over an elongated period of time. It permits a much greater investment to develop for the complete investment period. It results in the generation of a huge long-term return. Percentage Interest Rate This incorporates the interest rate and establishes the monthly loan payment needed to service the loan.

How to use the Investment Loan Calculator?

  1. Choose what you want to calculate – Monthly Payment, Principal or Percentage Interest Rate.
  2. Fill-in the other two variables and then click ‘Calculate’.

For instance, in order to calculate your Monthly Payment, choose Monthly Payment. Fill-in your Principal loan amount, Interest Rate and then click ‘Calculate’ to get your Monthly Payment.