Investment Goal Calculator

If you can’t think of ways to accomplish your investment goals, the investment goal calculator can be of assistance. The calculator will show you the increase in your investments in all possible scenarios dealing with tax and inflation. You are also able to view your investment excluding the effect of these two parameters. Additionally, the report will suggest possible improvements, which can help you achieve your investment goal by simply inputting your assets within our investment goal calculator.
Investment goal
Your objective for the final total value of your investment or investments.
Years to accumulate
The amount of years you have to save.
Amount of initial investment
The total amount of your initial investment or the amount you currently have invested towards your investment goal.
Periodic contribution
The amount added to your investment each period. You are also able to decide if you want the contribution to happen at the start or the end of the period.
Contribution frequency
The frequency of the regular contributions you are making to your investment.
Compound interest
The sum of the interest on an investment’s interest and the previous interest. If this occurs more frequently, your acquired interest will make additional interest sooner. Inquire with your financial institution how often the interest is being accumulated on your specific investment.
Make deposits at beginning of the period
Check this box if you want all additional contributions to happen at the start of each period. Uncheck this box if you want it to happen at the end of each period. If you make contributions at the start of each period, it allows you to start earning a return instantly, which increases your overall return.
Rate of return on investment
This is the rate of return you can expect from the investments. You can also select how frequently these earnings will be accumulated.
Expected inflation rate
The expected average inflation rate over a long period.
Marginal tax rate
Increase in tax rate for an additional dollar income. Input the marginal tax rate here.