Low Interest Financing Savings Calculator

Online Low Interest Financing Savings Calculator

Low interest auto financing scheme can save a significant amount of money. Under this scheme, the borrower needs to return the money at a lower interest rate and, this lower interest rate, further, reduces the size of the monthly amount he/she needs to pay. This financial analyzer will demonstrate the total amount of money a borrower can save by choosing the lower annual percentage rate. This calculator allows comparing three different rates all at once.
Balance to finance
Amount of dollar you need to finance your auto purchase. This amount should be adjusted for taxes or fees. Be careful to not include the down payment in this field.
Interest rate (APR)
Percentage rate charged annually by the lender on the loan.
Down payment (cash+trade-in)
Enter the amount of down payment in this field. If there is trade-in option, add the trade-in amount with the down payment.
Term in months
Term length for the auto loan in months. Auto loan terms can vary from 12 months to 120 months.
Residual percentage
This is applicable for lease financing. This percentage determines the value of the automobile after the lease term expires. A higher residual percentage will generate a lower amount of lease payment.