Home Buyer Savings

Home Buyer Savings Calculator

Are you dreaming of your own home? We have designed this calculator especially for someone who wants to save now to purchase a sweet home with the earned returns. This calculator will guide you toward successful savings of money that will be enough to finance your dream. Input the purchase price of your home, estimated down payment, amount of dollar currently saved, number of years to save, and interest rate as estimated to complete the calculation. Update JavaScript in your device to use this calculator effectively.

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Purchase price of home
Total estimated cost of purchasing the home in future. In future, this price can mismatch significantly with the reality.
Estimated Down payment
The percentage amount on purchase price you are estimating to pay as down payment.
Amount currently saved
Amount of dollar you have already put aside for home purchase.
Years to save
Number of years you are planning to save.
Estimated Interest Rate on your savings account
The rate of interest you are expecting to earn from your savings account. This calculator will not consider any tax factor. In reality, the actual rate of return may not be the same, rather lower, as the investors are willing to have constant and stable inflows of funds and therefore invest with a conservative approach. As high return is subject to high risk, you can choose short-term investment opportunities to offset the time volatility and higher risk premium. Theoretically, this is the future rate of inflows predicted at present time. So, it is usual that the actual return will fluctuate that of expected.