Heat Index Calculator

Heat Index Calculator

Using this Heat Index Calculator, now you can easily know the actual temperature felt by your skin. The Heat Index Calculator will estimate the Heat Index for given level of Air Temperature and Relative Humidity in the air. The heat index measures the actual temperature that is felt by our skin, different from the prevailing temperature in the air. The level of relative humidity is the reason for this variation. The heat index is also referred as humidex or humiture.

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Air Temperature

The current temperature in the air as measured in Celsius, Fahrenheit, or Kelvin.

Humidity (%)

The relative level of humidity in the air.

Heat Index Temperature

The estimated result by the Heat Index Calculator in Fahrenheit and Celsius showing the temperature felt by our skin in reality.

This Heat Index Calculator uses both the humidity and air temperature to measure how hot the climate is felt to us. Experts term this effect as “Apparent Temperature”. There are certain medical significance on how one feels the effect. One can get sick in hot and humid weather if he doesn’t sweat enough to feel cooler.

To avoid heat stroke and dehydration one must take adequate care of him in a humid condition. Young children are the major sufferers from such condition as they have small bodies relative to the larger skin surface that usually absorbing more and more heat from the atmosphere.

People who have serious physical difficulties and diseases like heart disease, obesity, cystic fibrosis, diabetes, mental retardation etc. must take proper defenses against such weather and must not go outside until necessary during such apparent temperature.