To Use or Not to Use Graphing Calculator Online?

With rapid advancements in science and technology, life has become easier for people. Calculators once considered little less than miracles are now very common. There is such a huge variety available that you can calculate almost anything from simple sums to tax credits and life expectancy. One such invention is the graphing calculator online. Not only is this marvelous device available, it is also readily available online. But what is a graphing calculator and how can it be used? Does it really help students perform better in their mathematics class? Is it allowed in exams? The most important question of all is, what are the benefits of using a graphing calculator online? The short guide below will answer all your questions of the use of this problem solving device.

To Use or Not to Use Graphing Calculator Online?

What is a Graphing Calculator?

A graphing calculator is able to solve simultaneous equations, plot graphs and many other variable calculations. It is available as a handheld device as well as a graphing calculator online. The great thing about the online version is that, you no longer have to worry about remembering to carry the calculator with you. You can simply use it on a website.

Not only does the graphing calculator online solve mathematical variables; it also helps students with physics numerical. With the help of these calculators students are better able to grasp complex concepts, since they can make real-life connections. This way, they are able to think critically and develop problem-solving skills. Research shows that students who use graphing calculator online are able to perform better in their math and science exams compared to other students.

How to Use the Graphing Calculator Online?

The graphing calculator online has a very simple user-friendly interface. It is designed in a way so that any person, even if they are new to using modern and advanced calculators, can do so conveniently. Some of the great features supported by a graphing calculator include:


Graphing Calculators Encouraged by Teachers

Recently, more and more teachers are promoting the use of calculators in class. According to one study, the use of graphing calculators online helps improve student’s mathematical skills. Not only this, the study also suggested that students who did not particularly like math or had a harder time excelling it, grew more inclined to study it.

Another research on the use of calculators by students showed that students felt a sense of achievement when they were able to solve their work with the aid of these calculators. That is why teachers encourage the use of graphing calculators online, not only in class but at home too.

Graphing Calculators and Exams

In most senior level exams, graphing calculators are allowed. In universities and professional colleges, the use of graphing calculator online is being encouraged due to the progress it brings in student comprehension. All international exams like, SAT, ACT, PSAT, AP etc. not only allow, but at times require students to use graphing calculators. Of course, it’s best to ask the teacher first before using the calculator in a class-exam.

Benefits of Using a Graphing Calculator

There are many benefits of using a graphing calculator online. Here are some of them:

Connecting with Reality

With the help of a graphing calculator, students can make connections with real life situations. Teachers can easily formulate regression models that fit the requirements of the question they are trying to explain. Data analysis becomes something that is not only understood on paper, but something that can be associated with real examples.

Another thing that is achieved is the ability to make connections between different mathematical models. Whoever uses a graphing calculator online can easily switch back and forth between algebraic, tabular and graphical forms.

Speedy Performance

With the help of a graphing calculator online, students are not only able to perform better in their mathematics and science classes but are also able to generate speedy results. This helps to boost their confidence and interest levels as they are better equipped in handling difficult subjects. The formulation of graphs and tables has turned a lot faster than it once was.


The handheld graphic calculator is relatively expensive. It can rightly be said that it would be one of the most expensive investments a student can make. With the arrival of graphing calculator online, no longer do students need to buy the handheld device. All the functions and features that are present in the physical model of a graphing calculator are also present in the online version. Anyone can access the online calculator, anytime they want. It is free and can be used with ease and comfort.

Increasing Scope of Math and Science

Research shows that students who use graphing calculators are more inclined to develop a taste for math and science and thus opt for these subjects in college. This shows that the increase in confidence and interest level caused by the ease of understanding the subject is enhanced by the use of these calculators. Students are better able to handle the difficulty of solving mathematical tasks that they were unable to do so without the use of such calculators.

Studies also supported the evidence that students who used these calculators are able to pass with better grades than those who don’t use graphing calculators online.

To Use or Not to Use Graphing Calculator Online?

All the above ideas show that the use of graphing calculators online, is not only beneficial but becoming rather important. They help in improving student’s mathematical understandings as well as giving them the motivation to study with more vigor. The conceptual clearance that is developed with the help of these calculators cannot be denied and should be pursued. Such measures need to be adapted on a larger scale to encourage student growth.

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