Fuel Cost Calculator

Fuel Cost Calculator

If you are planning for a trip, it is better to have the proper estimation of fuel cost you are going to incur. The Fuel Cost Calculator will show you the estimated cost of fuel or gasoline for a given trip distance based on the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

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Trip Distance

Total distance that would be covered during the trip as planned. You can input the distance in miles or kilometers while using this Fuel Cost Calculator.

If you really want to save fuel cost, we would suggest you to carefully plan your trip route. Take a good look at the map and find the shortest possible route to reduce the distance and minimize the cost of gasoline.

While focusing on the shortest rout, don’t forget to analyze the traffic of that rout. Try to find a way with lowest traffic to avoid burning fuels unnecessarily. Also, take a look at the availability of gas stations in that route.

Fuel Efficiency

How efficient is your car engine. This shows the miles your car can travel with 1 gallon of fuel (miles per gallon). The fuel efficiency can also be measured as liters of fuel required per 100 kilometer, liters of fuel required per mile, or kilometers per liter.

Using the appropriate grade of motor oil can improve your vehicles mileage or fuel efficiency. For example, you will lose some fuel efficiency or mileage if you use 5W-20 motor oil in an engine designed for 10W-30. Also, focus on particular type of motor oils that contains additives to reduce friction, and says “Energy Conserving”.

Gas Price ($)

Price of fuel for every gallon or liter.