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The Fraction Calculator from ACalculator will be required to workout the addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication of fraction numbers. Fractions are numbers that characterize part of a whole number. Fraction is consisted of a numerator and a denominator. The portion or part above the line is identified as numerator while the portion lying below the numerator is called denominator.

Online Math Calculator helps in seeing how to do expansion, subtraction, duplication and division of a portion, entire numbers, decimals and blended numbers. The least complex approach to work upon the divisions of math is by utilizing Acalculator’s fraction calculator.

Fraction Calculator

This calculator will ascertain the aggregates, items, remainder, or contrasts of fractions. It facilitates in taking out the best suitable results. Anyway, simply remember that your most extreme objective is to appreciate how to gauge the domino impact! If you simply need to sort out a division, utilize our easy-to-use fractions calculator.

The space accessible over the line is the numerator, while beneath the line is known as the
denominator. Fill the fields to one side of the “=” and click the “calculate” button to ascertain. The operations of “include”, “subtract”, “reproduce” and “separation” are upheld.

okcalculator.comDefine Fraction

A number that symbolizes a piece of a whole is known as a fraction. It involves a numerator and a denominator. The numerator represents to the quantity of a balance of and the denominator represents the aggregate sum of parts that make up an entirety.

For instance 3/8, the numerator is 3 and the denominator is 8. Like every other number, a partial number can be added, multiplied, subtracted, and divided.

Also, Fractions can be route hard to maintain for a few who are studying when they first begin with the subject. Particularly, when managing proportionate divisions; it appears that they don’t get the head or tail of anything. The idea in actuality has been extremely basic; yet if the rationale still evades you, you can take a stab at utilizing a comparable fraction tool, till you get the hang of it.

Your teacher, lecturer or tutor of math must have told you that the comparative parts are two or more divisions that have the same quality, yet have diverse structures. In basic words, these fractions can be typified as divisions having the same general quality, or the same easiest proportion. These parts demonstrate the same piece of an entirety. The most effortless approach to shed light on proportionate divisions is- to make use of the illustration of an apple. Whether you separate an apple into two pieces and take one, or out of four pieces take 2, or further on out of 8 pieces take 4; despite everything you get one-50% of the apple to eat. So conclusion is that 1/2 is same as 2/4 or 4/8; they all are equal divisions.

okcalculator.comFraction Equations:

Adding Fractions

The algebraic formula for adding of fractions is a/b + c/d = (advertisement + bc)/ bd. For instance: 3/9 + 1/3 = (3*3 + 1*9) / 9*3 = 18/ 27.

Decreasing this portion we get 6/9.

okcalculator.comSubtracting Fractions

The formula for subtracting fractions is a/b – c/d = (ad – bc) / bd. Case in point: 2/2 – 1/5 = (2*5 – 1*2)/ 2*5 = 8/ 10.

Decreasing this fraction we get 4/5.

okcalculator.comMultiplying Fractions

The arithmetical equation for reproducing fractions is a/b * c/d = ac/ bd. Case in point: 3/9 * 1/4 = 2*1/ 9*4 = 3/ 36.

Diminishing this division we get 1/12.

okcalculator.comDividing Fractions

The arithmetical equation for partitioning fractions is a/b ч c/d = ad / bc. For Instance: 3/9 * 1/4 = 3*4 / 9*1 = 12/ 9.

Reducing this fraction we get 4/3

okcalculator.comHow to Use the Equivalent Fraction Calculator?

To get familiar with the calculator, one must know how to use the calculator:

Fill in the Fraction #1 into the first box below. Apply the “/” between the numerator and denominator.

E.g. for one fourth, enter “1/4.”

Then, fill in the Fraction #2 into the second box.

If you are using mixed numbers, just leave a single space among the whole number and fraction number. For example, for two and two-fifths, enter “2 3/5”

Decide on what you want to do- add, subtract, multiply or divide. Then, click ‘Calculate Fraction’.

okcalculator.comDividing Fractions Calculator Glossary of Terms

Dividend: It is the first number to be divided by another number.

For example: dividend ч divisor = quotient

18 ч 3 = 6, 18 is the dividend

Divisor: It is the second number, by which first number is divided.

For example: dividend ч divisor = quotient

18 ч 3 = 6, 3 is the divisor

Numerators: For example 3/5 is the fraction. The top number (3) in a fraction is known as numerator. Denominators: For example 3/5 is the fraction. The bottom number (5) is the Denominator. Quotient of fractions, whole, or mixed numbers: This is the consequence of dividing the entered fractions, mixed numbers, or whole numbers. After altering the divisor and ascertaining the remainder

of division, the calculator will demonstrate its work and give an itemized clarification of every step it took to touch base at the remainder. Mixed number: The combination of a whole number and a fraction, such as 3 1/4 (three and one quarter). Improper fraction: A fraction having a numerator that is larger than the denominator, such as 5/3. Multiplicand: It is the first number to be multiplied by another number.

For example: multiplicand ч multiplier = product

2 * 3 = 6, 2 is the multiplicand

Multiplier: It is the second number, by which first number is multiplied.

For example: multiplicand ч multiplier = product

2 * 3 = 6, 3 is the multiplier

Product: Product means ‘multiplication’. The product of 2 and 3 will be written as: 2 Ч 3= 6. The result (6) of multiplying the multiplicand by the multiplier is a product