Australian Fees Calculator

Are you thinking of purchasing occupied property? If yes, you must know that there are certain fees charged by the Government of Australia on occupied property purchase. OKCalculator will assist you to calculate these fees. To use Australian Fees Calculator properly, you must make sure the availability of JavaScript in you device. Toggle the blocked contents setting while using IE to browse our site.
Monthly payment
Amount of monthly payment required on this loan.
Interest rate
Rate of interest paid annually on this loan. This is the percentage amount charged on the loan annually. This rate is calculated every month on the balance outstanding on the loan. The rate you mention is yearly and therefore, the annual rate is converted into monthly rate by dividing the annual rate by 12
Number of years to fully repay the loan. This the maximum duration allowed to you by the lender to repay the loan. You can pay faster than this term to reduce the term length and save a significant amount of money that would be needed to spend as interest otherwise.
Purchase price
Total amount of money needed to purchase the property.
Loan amount
Amount of money you need to borrow to purchase the property.