Enhanced Loan Calculator

Loan Enhanced

This super calculator can discover the loan balance, interest rate, term of payment, and monthly payment as you require. You can switch between the annual and monthly view for the reports generated after the calculation. To perform this overall calculation, you must enter your monthly payment, interest rate, term in months, and loan amount. You can also select the type of report amortization you wish to see as per your preference and requirement. JavaScript should be enabled in your browser to see the full-featured site. Additionally, users of Internet Explorer will require to ‘Allow Blocked Contents’ to look at the calculator.
Monthly payment
Amount of monthly dollar payment for this loan. It is assumed that there will be no additional payments. It means all the payments will be made as per the schedule and at the beginning of each month.
Interest rate
Rate of interest for the loan contract. This rate is applied on the outstanding loan balance till the current period. This rate is useful to work out the monthly payments. The annual interest rate should not be confused with annual percentage rate which is much higher than this rate. The APR is higher because it includes origination fees and mortgage insurance premiums.
Term in months
Number of months over which the loan should be repaid.
Loan amount
Total amount of the loan. Input the initial amount of this particular loan not the remaining balance.
Calculate for
Choose what you want to calculate. You can calculate the remaining loan balance, rate of interest, term length, or the monthly payment required to pay off the loan.