Dews and Don’ts points of the summer

Dews and Don’ts points of the summer

With warmer weather steadily approaching, it’s a huge relief to have gotten through yet another winter. Its time to pack away the heavy jackets and sweaters, and start bringing out the lighter layers. It’s also a great time to get on top of summer trends with a few key seasonal updates. In this post we are going to review key factors to look for in the weather forecast to stay cool this summer, and we will go over upcoming fashion trends to keep an eye out for!

Dews and Don’ts points of the summer

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Trend Forecast

2017 is bolder and edgier then 2016, but mostly stays true to its former self. We see a lot of recurring styles such as stripes, florals, and bold colors, only this year with more cheer then before. Fashion is oozing in happiness and delight with some of the most vivid trends seen this decade.

dew point

Cool khakis are a newer trend that has been remodeled this year lending itself to trench coats and head to toe garments. Look for this fabric in shirts, dresses, or shoes for a fresh take on an old favorite. We are also seeing extensive shades of yellow- from rich mustards to soft lemon pastels, so find out which tones best suits your complexion to look great in this color every time.

Be perfectly dressed, every time.

Depending on where you live you may experience humidity to varying degrees. Relative humidity is a term we see when looking at a weather forecast, but the term can be deceiving to what you will feel when you actually step outside . There’s nothing worse then preparing for a scorching day, but stepping out into a cool breeze. That hat would have been a great idea, and probably should have worn that new spring jacket, but excuse me while I stop shivering here for one second. I mean the relative humidity was at 90% !

Relative humidity is a percentage measure of how close the air is to being full of water vapor.

When the relative humidity is 100% it means the air is full of potential vapor, while 25% means the air is only a quarter full of potential moisture.

The kicker here is that cold air molecules are held together very densely, which leaves very little room for water vapor, while warm air molecules are loosely held together, increasing the potential for water vapor to fill the spaces in between.

dew point hot and cold

If you’re feeling confused then you’re not the only one.

Think of it like this:

A cold day with 100% relative humidity is a full 6oz glass of water, while a hot day with 50% relative humidity is a pool only half full of water.

There is a lot more water (humidity) in the half full swimming pool, then the small glass of water. This is why relative humidity is a fairly useless term for the average person trying to plan their day.

That’s where dew point comes in to save the day . If by any chance your forecast doesn’t give you the dew point, but only gives you the temperature and relative humidity, use this dew point calculator .

Dew point is an absolute measure of how much moisture is in the air. For every dew point degree there is a measurement of grams of water, per kilogram of pure air.

In more simple terms, dew point means how much water is actually in the air . The chart below outlines how different dew point measurements effect what we feel in humidity.

humidity dew point

So the next time you are putting your layers together, avoid being under or over dressed, with this simple humidity measurement.

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