Line of Credit Payoff (Australian) Calculator

Using line of credit payoff (Australian) calculator, you can find out the time required to fully repay your credit card’s new credit line. This is easily done by using available balance, annual percentage rate, current monthly payment, new charges, payoff goal and all other information regarding your current and new line of credit. JavaScript is necessary to run this calculator properly.
Current balance
Total balance currently outstanding on the line of credit.
Payoff target
Number of months to payoff the current credit line.
Current amount of monthly payment
The amount paid every month to repay the line of credit. So, it is easy to see actually how long it would take you to payoff the outstanding balance if you don’t change your monthly payment.
New monthly charges
Additional monthly charges that may be introduced on the line of credit.
Yearly rate change
The rate by which you think the interest rate will change during the next year. Input negative value if you expect the rate to decline.
Interest rate or (APR)
Interest rate for the line of credit. This rate is charged annually.
Annual fee
Total yearly fees charged on this line of credit.
Total amount you estimate to withdraw from the credit line.
Months from now
Time (in month) remaining before your planned draw will take place.