A Calculator to Get Rid of Your Credit Debt – How to Make the Most Out of It?

By the end of 2012, the total credit card debt in the US reached $793.1 Billion. This puts each household under the average debt of $15,800. Similarly, in Canada every one out of twenty credit card holders fears that he/she might not be able to pay off the credit debt completely. Since we have created this website to solve all the major financial issues, we also have a calculator that can help you deal with your credit debt and pay it all off in the least possible time.

A Calculator to Get Rid of Your Credit Debt – How to Make the Most Out of It?

Whoever, a calculator is not all that is required. The problem with the credit card debt is that it increases at a pace higher than it is paid off. With plastic in hand, it is really hard to curb your temptations to spend on unnecessary items. Now unfortunately, this is not something a calculator, no matter how effective, can help with.So, while a calculator will only help you find out how you can pay off your debt, it is you who must ensure that it never grows out of bounds ever again.

You will find a calculator to pay off your credit balance in our calculators section. Here we share some useful tips to help you keep the debt in control.

Tip 1 – Organize
Most of the people have multiple credit cards and that is one of the main reasons why they are unable to keep track of their debt until they are completely underwater. Whether using a calculator or not, the best way to get started is to get organized. Gather and note down all the information including balance, interest, minimum payment and due date, etc.

Tip 2 - Get Rid of It
While it may be hard to imagine a plastic-free life, try to use debit card more often than credit card. This way you will avoid buying anything that you cannot actually afford. All you need will be a calculator for proper budgeting.

Tip 3 – Pay off the Highest ARP first
By paying off the card with the highest annual rate percentage, you will feel relieved of a huge burden. Also, if such cards are left untackled, the debt amount is likely to increase at an exponential rate. A calculator for credit card roll down will help you find out which card to pay off first.

Tip 4 – Get Rid of Ones with Lowest Balance
Other than ARP, your debt balance on the card is also an important factor when considering which one to pay off first. If you have multiple cards, pay off the ones with highest interest and lowest balance. This allows you to move on to the next one quickly.

Tip 5 – Keep Using a Calculator
The usage of our simple and effective tools such as budgeting calculator and a calculator to roll down your credit debt can actually help you manage your credit card debt more efficiently. Change your spending habits and focus more of saving and investment to multiple your income source.

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