Credit Card Payoff (Australian)

Did you know that you can save money from your credit card pay-off balance? You can do this by simply restructuring your current payment mode. This calculator will tell you the best possible way to save money of credit card pay-off balance. Enter the current balance of your credit, your payoff goal (in months), amount of current monthly payment, yearly fees charged, charges imposed newly every month, the annual percentage rate or APR, possible amount of major purchase, and possible time to make those major purchase to find out what you are looking for. For the IE users, it’s required to allow blocked contents upon prompted. Also, enable JavaScript in your browser to use our online financial calculators.
Current balance
Amount of money remaining unpaid on your credit card.
Payoff goal (in months)
Your chosen frequency of monthly payments to repay the credit.
Current monthly payment
Monthly amount that you are paying currently. It’s your monthly repayment plan.
New charges per month
Amount of new charges to be paid monthly as estimated.
Interest rate (APR)
Input the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for your credit card.
Annual fee
The yearly fees charged on this credit card.
Major purchase
This is the amount you expect to spend beyond your normal credit card charges.
Months from now
Remaining number of months from now for your major purchase to take place.