Compare Savings Rates

Compare Savings Rates Calculator

If you have multiple savings options to choose from, it is certain that your intention will be to pick up the most money-making one. But how will you do that? This calculator will help you to get rid of this confusion and go with the best alternative by contrasting savings plans with different yield. You must know the initial amount of your investment, number of years to save, amount of prepayments (if any), contribution frequency etc. to calculate and compare savings rate. Install JavaScript to properly use this calculator in your device.
Starting amount
The amount of dollar you have already saved or invested. You can also input zero in this field.
Your intended number of years over which you want to save. This can be the term length for the savings.
Additional contributions
Amount of money you wish to contribute regularly from now on through your chosen contribution type (weekly, monthly, yearly etc.). These are payments in excess of your scheduled payments.
Contribution frequency
How frequently you will make additional contributions. Available options are: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually.
Annual percentage yield (APY)
Your yearly expected rate of return from the investment or savings. The actual rate may vary significantly over times depending on macroeconomic situations.
Make deposits at beginning of the period
If you have planned to contribute funds at the starting of each period, check this box. Paying early will increase the earning capability of your investments and thus will increase your return.