Compare Savings Rates (Canadian)

Compare Savings Rates This extraordinary calculator will show how higher and lower interest rates can influence your financial return. Therefore, you will be able to adjust and Compare Savings Rates for any interest rate movement to protect your economic position and of course, maximize your savings. Additionally, the outcome will be calculated for different timings of depositing money (i.e. at the beginning or ending of each period).
Starting amount
The initial amount of investment or the amount you have already saved to Compare Savings Rates
Number of years you have planned to save.
Additional contributions
Amount of dollar you want to add regularly to your current savings.
Contribution frequency
The frequency of your planned contribution. You can choose weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly as your appropriate contribution type.
Annual percentage yield (APY)
The yearly expected rate of return from your chosen investment. Theoretically, this is the future rate of inflows predicted at present time. So, it is usual that the actual return will fluctuate that of expected.
Make deposits at beginning of the period
Checking this box will show you actually what can happen if you make contributions at the starting of every period. It will increase your return as your contribution will start earning immediately.