College Savings

College Savings Calculator

With the help of our calculator you can now construct an educational savings plan to secure your children’s future education. To know the balances and expenses by year, total costs by child, savings and expenses by year; we recommend you to take help of our highly supportive integrated reports. Update JavaScript to avoid any technical problem with the calculator. Also, try to avoid using browsers other than Internet Explorer as it will require you to allow the blocked contents.
Age of children
Age of your child as on the date.
Age to start education
Input the age when your child will be a college student.
Annual tuition
Your estimated cost of annual tuition fees. You can click here to get an overview of current costs for U.S. undergraduate colleges.
Room and board
The per child cost you are estimating to spend on their room and board every year.
Education cost inflation
The rate by which you expect the current educational costs will increase every year.
Current amount
Currently saved amount for future educational expenses.
Monthly contributions
Amount of dollar you wish to put into the account. It is assumed that you put these money at the beginning of every month.
Rate of return
Your expected rate of return from the savings. Theoretically, this is the future rate of inflows predicted at present time. So, it is usual that the actual return will fluctuate that of expected. As high return is subject to high risk, you can choose short-term investment opportunities to offset the time volatility and higher risk premium.