How to Start a Business With No Money

How to Start a Business With No Money Do you want to start a business, but not sure you have enough funds? Many people believe that they need some type of capital to start their own venture, but that's not the case. There are ways you can start a business with zero cash, and we're here to help. Read on to learn how to start a business with no money. Keep your Current Source of Income Starting a business with no money is one thing. But starting a business when you have no other source of income will put you in a dangerous situation. Jumping into a new business venture will require you to take tons of risks. And nothing provides you with security like a regular job and a regular paycheck. Take this time to work on your business plan and file out all the finer details of your… Read More

The truth about annuities

The truth about annuities An annuity is a financial product made to collect and grow funds, which can be received as steady cash flow later in retirement. This financial product is an “investment" into a long-term contract with an insurance company (this alone should make you think twice!), deemed to protect you from outliving your income.   The plans allow you to invest a lump sum, or smaller amounts over a period of time, with returns at fixed, or variable rates. There is also the option to receive payments immediately, or delay to a certain date (deferred). Breakdown of terminology An immediate annuity allows you to receive payments immediately, while a deferred annuity puts off payments until a later date. A fixed rate annuity is a preset payment amount, while a variable annuity fluctuates with the success of the investment choice. The payments are determined by a number of factors,… Read More

Will social security be enough?

Will social security be enough? Nerd Wallet recently surveyed 2000 Americans to shed some light on their biggest financial concerns regarding social security. Topping the charts was worries about retirement readiness, followed by worries about health care expenses and credit card debt.   Oddly enough only 32% of Americans are planning to take action by increasing their contributions next year. Which is quite alarming as 69% report having 1000$ or less, in savings.  That doesn’t sound good. We also have to consider that many of the baby boomers are reaching retirement and make up a strong portion of the survey population. To make things worse, we have to account that about half of the work force, will not have any private pension coverage. That’s the part of the work force that are self-employed, freelancers, and those in small businesses. That means a good number of Americans are going into retirement… Read More

IRS Miscalculates Payroll by Millions

IRS Miscalculates Payroll by Millions Its kind of ironic to hear that the IRS (Internal Revenue Agency), a company whose sole purpose is the administration and enforcement of the Treasury Department Revenue law, messed up big time on how much they have paid their employees. Smells a lot like double standards from this side of the fence.   This report ( by the TIGTA (Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration) outlines the issues of salary miscalculations, largely blaming the problem on complex pay-setting rules. How bad was it? Well, the IRS overpaid more then 600 employees by $4.2M, while underpaying over 900 employees by $2.7M, for a total of $6.9M in salary miscalculations. I suspect the employees of this association, who probably aren’t that happy to begin with, are quite irritated about the news.   The needlessly complex pay rules dictate different pay settings for managerial and non-managerial positions, with… Read More

Hourly Paycheck Deductions

Hourly Paycheck Deductions Hourly paychecks are something we receive quite frequently, twice a month for most. It will come in the form of a direct deposit, or an employer issued check, but either way you should receive a pay stub with every payment. Not all states legally require the employer to provide it, but they are required federally to keep an accurate record of wages and deductions, and should be available on request. Your paystub breaks down your gross and net income, as well as your contributions. When was the last time you looked at it in detail? If you’re like me you check to see if the amount makes sense, blur over the details, and continue on with your day.   However, its important to know where your hard earned cash is going, and what all the line items on your paystub mean, as well as verifying your gross… Read More

Dews and Don’ts points of the summer

Dews and Don’ts points of the summer With warmer weather steadily approaching, it’s a huge relief to have gotten through yet another winter. Its time to pack away the heavy jackets and sweaters, and start bringing out the lighter layers. It’s also a great time to get on top of summer trends with a few key seasonal updates. In this post we are going to review key factors to look for in the weather forecast to stay cool this summer, and we will go over upcoming fashion trends to keep an eye out for! Trend Forecast  2017 is bolder and edgier then 2016, but mostly stays true to its former self. We see a lot of recurring themes such as stripes, florals, and bold colors, only this year with more cheer then before. Fashion is oozing in happiness and delight with some of the most vivid trends seen this decade.… Read More

Credit card payoff – Debt in America

Credit card payoff - Debt in America It comes as no surprise that 2017 will be the year that Americans have accrued the most debt ever in history. Since 2008 credit card payoff debt has slowly been rising with consumer spending, and is even considered to be at a pre-crisis level, according to, a site that surveys the metrics of credit card debt and usage. The site even states that the total US revolving debt was valued at $953.3 billion in May of 2016, mainly due to credit card payoff balances.   If that figure worries you, it should.   The growing debt is posing a huge problem in the economy, much like a cancer cell, that if not caught and treated as soon as it is found, can be potentially fatal. It’s not a matter of “IF”, but “WHEN” the country’s deficit will be too much to bear.… Read More

A Guide to Morning sickness

A Guide to Morning sickness Have morning sickness? Congratulations, you have a little one on the way! Finding out you’re expecting a child is a very rewarding joy in life. You probably already marked your due date, and have checked it twice with a due date calculator. You are no doubt counting down the days and dreaming for the moment to come. You already know that your body will be going through a lot of changes physically, and hormonally, over the next nine months, and you may even have extreme feelings of nausea and may experience vomiting around the time that you get the news. This can be confusing, shouldn’t the good news make you feel happy? What is this uneasy feeling in my stomach?   This is called morning sickness.   Morning sickness is completely normal, and is experienced by approximately 80% of women, however a small percentage (up… Read More

Mortgage Refinance Break Even

Mortgage Refinance Break Even Cannot figure out when you will achieve the breakeven point for your mortgage refinance? The answer to this depends on a number of factors, such as your existing interest rate, the new interest rate which you will be offered, the closings costs and the time period until which you plan to reside in the same home. You can take help from this calculator and let it answer all your questions. The results will help you determine if mortgage refinancing is worth it or not in your individual specific scenario. You can view detailed results through the Report button. Original Mortgage Balance This is the total amount which you originally borrowed as mortgage. Appraisal Value This is the value which your home was worth when you bought it. Mortgage Term This is the total time period in which you have to pay off the mortgage. Remaining Time… Read More

Types of Financial Calculators and why they matter

A calculator for Mortgage Mishaps Did you know that you can use a calculator to process your mortgage payments? Well, now you do. A calculator can make financial decisions easier on you especially if you have to juggle with different types of mortgage rates on a regular basis. When it comes to mortgages, one size doesn’t fit all. This is why you will never find a calculator that allows you to plan your monthly or biweekly payments and the amount that you will have to pay for the initial purchase all in one go. So without further ado, let’s see how a calculator can blow your financial troubles away online A calculator to Qualify you for a Mortgages As discussed, a calculator will make it easier for you to keep tabs on your payments and your income. A calculator is sure to come in handy if you opt for a… Read More