How to Start a Business With No Money

Keep your Current Source of Income Starting a business with no money is one thing. But starting a business when you have no other source of income will put you in a dangerous situation. Jumping into a new business venture will require you to take tons of risks. And nothing provides you with security like a regular job and a regular paycheck. Take this time to work on your business plan and file out all the finer details of your business. Additional expenses will pop up as you learn how to start a business with no money, so having a job that pays for your bills gives you more security. Offer Services to Fund your Business You may not be starting a business based on services, but your talents will help you fund your product business if you apply yourself. The possibilities of services are endless. Simply think of passions… Read More

The truth about annuities

Breakdown of terminology An immediate annuity allows you to receive payments immediately, while a deferred annuity puts off payments until a later date. A fixed rate annuity is a preset payment amount, while a variable annuity fluctuates with the success of the investment choice. The payments are determined by a number of factors, some of which include the amount of the investment, and length of payment period. To get an idea of how much you may be entitled to, try this free annuity calculator. The immediate fixed annuity is a popular choice, and often sounds to good to be true, so we are going to look at the mechanics of this investment in greater detail. Say an older couple, aged 65, purchases as immediate annuity that guarantees a 6% annual return. If they invest $500,000 that equates to $30,000 in yearly returns. This sounds pretty good as stocks yield an… Read More

Will social security be enough?

Oddly enough only 32% of Americans are planning to take action by increasing their contributions next year. Which is quite alarming as 69% report having 1000$ or less, in savings.  That doesn’t sound good. We also have to consider that many of the baby boomers are reaching retirement and make up a strong portion of the survey population. To make things worse, we have to account that about half of the work force, will not have any private pension coverage. That’s the part of the work force that are self-employed, freelancers, and those in small businesses. That means a good number of Americans are going into retirement very poorly prepared, looking to fall back on social programs like social security and medicare as their only options. This article by the Washington Post states that 10,000 baby boomers are retiring every day- and over the course of a year that number… Read More

IRS Miscalculates Payroll by Millions

How bad was it? Well, the IRS overpaid more then 600 employees by $4.2M, while underpaying over 900 employees by $2.7M, for a total of $6.9M in salary miscalculations. I suspect the employees of this association, who probably aren’t that happy to begin with, are quite irritated about the news. The needlessly complex pay rules dictate different pay settings for managerial and non-managerial positions, with many employees moving back and forth from permanent positions to temporary management positions (and back again!) frequently, combined with a large number of just seasonal employees. There’s also a problem of inconsistent training between offices on proper procedures of setting pay to further complicate matters- so its really a mystery how anyone gets paid properly there. These errors have a huge impact on employees, as any over payment by the IRS requires full reimbursement, leaving many employees with over $5,000 in debt from a recent… Read More

Hourly Paycheck Deductions

However, its important to know where your hard earned cash is going, and what all the line items on your paystub mean, as well as verifying your gross income with an hourly paycheck calculator. While most employers have good intentions, we are all human and subject to making errors. Hold on to your pay stubs! Your pay stubs are important for a number of reasons, so its worth holding on to them. Some contain sensitive information such as your name, address, and social security, which you want to prevent from getting into the wrong hands. Your hourly paycheck (pay stubs) can be used as a tool to check and monitor your credit and having them on hand makes this easier to do regularly. Having them on hand also allows you to see if there is anything that has changed or looks out of place, as you’ll notice this much sooner.… Read More

Dews and Don’ts points of the summer

Trend Forecast 2017 is bolder and edgier then 2016, but mostly stays true to its former self. We see a lot of recurring styles such as stripes, florals, and bold colors, only this year with more cheer then before. Fashion is oozing in happiness and delight with some of the most vivid trends seen this decade. Cool khakis are a newer trend that has been remodeled this year lending itself to trench coats and head to toe garments. Look for this fabric in shirts, dresses, or shoes for a fresh take on an old favorite. We are also seeing extensive shades of yellow- from rich mustards to soft lemon pastels, so find out which tones best suits your complexion to look great in this color every time. Be perfectly dressed, every time. Depending on where you live you may experience humidity to varying degrees. Relative humidity is a term we… Read More

Credit card payoff – Debt in America

If that figure worries you, it should. The growing debt is posing a huge problem in the economy, much like a cancer cell, that if not caught and treated as soon as it is found, can be potentially fatal. It’s not a matter of “IF”, but “WHEN” the country’s deficit will be too much to bear. To really fix this problem society needs encourage much more economic growth. That is to say, start increasing society's income and revenues as a whole- to create more high earners, and more millionaires, to support more taxes. Instead of heavily taxing the top 1%. However, that is much easier said then done. Where is all this credit card debt coming from? When things are good we like to treat ourselves, whether it’s a nice dinner, or a small splurge on something like a watch, clothing, or technology. However, as a society we are… Read More

A Guide to Morning sickness

You already know that your body will be going through a lot of changes physically, and hormonally, over the next nine months, and you may even have extreme feelings of nausea and may experience vomiting around the time that you get the news. This can be confusing, shouldn’t the good news make you feel happy? What is this uneasy feeling in my stomach? This is called morning sickness. Morning sickness is completely normal, and is experienced by approximately 80% of women, however a small percentage (up to 3%) of women may experience a very severe form called hyperemesis gravidarum (HG). This is more common if you are carrying multiple children (twins, triplets, quintuplets or more!), or have a family history of the condition. Morning sickness tends to come on in the first four to eight weeks after conception and usually gets better by the fourth of fifth month of pregnancy,… Read More