The Best Warren Buffett Investment Advice Ever

The Best Warren Buffett Investment Advice Even an amateur investor can become an expert like Warren Buffett! Not everyone will become a billionaire as a result of their stock market investments. But, everyone can benefit from following these tips from someone who has seen it all. Amateur investors do not need an investment manager Contrary to what some people might tell you, you do not need an investment manager to be a successful investor. In fact, you'll probably be better off on your own!In 2005, Buffett made a bet with an investment manager. He believed that amateur investors would be better off investing in unmanaged, low-cost index funds rather than working with an investment professional.Buffett argued that investments managed by professionals would underperform investments made by amateurs who "simply sat still." According to The New York Times, Buffett was correct. In February of this year (2017), a standard SandP index fund was… Read More

What Is a Good Return on Investment?

What is Return on Investment? Let's start with the basics. What exactly is return on investment? It's the amount of money you make on an investment relative to the investment's cost. This number, expressed as a percentage or ratio, is used to measure performance and compare the efficiency of different investments. To calculate return on investment, the return on the investment is divided by the investment cost. The formula is gains minus cost, which is then divided by cost. Return on investment is a simple and versatile way to gauge an investment's profitability. If an investment does not have a positive return, or if there are more opportunities available to invest in something that has a high return rate, these values can guide an investor to make better financial decisions. One thing to remember, however, is the formula for return on investment doesn't factor in the length of time it… Read More

Top 7 Money Saving Plan Strategies

Set up a Money Saving Plan that Works for You The core thing when it comes to saving money is that there is no hard and fast rule that works. Plans need to be flexible for your situation. There are always moments in life that take us by surprise, and a good money saving plan will give you the freedom to get through those periods without suffering for it with your long term savings. You do not need to be a financial wizard in order to be financially secure in life. Here are the top seven savings schemes that you look to adopt in your quest to build up a healthy savings account. College Savings Plans 1. The 529 savings plan. This is a college funding savings plan that is operated by a state with the express intent of helping a family save for their child's college education. The great thing about… Read More

How to Start a Business With No Money

Keep your Current Source of Income Starting a business with no money is one thing. But starting a business when you have no other source of income will put you in a dangerous situation. Jumping into a new business venture will require you to take tons of risks. And nothing provides you with security like a regular job and a regular paycheck. Take this time to work on your business plan and file out all the finer details of your business. Additional expenses will pop up as you learn how to start a business with no money, so having a job that pays for your bills gives you more security. Offer Services to Fund your Business You may not be starting a business based on services, but your talents will help you fund your product business if you apply yourself. The possibilities of services are endless. Simply think of passions… Read More

How Much to Save for Retirement in Your 30s

Determining How Much to Save For Retirement Determining how much to save for retirement doesn't have to be the daunting task that many make it out to be. With the correct planning, foresight, and action, you can begin setting money aside for retirement today. In the sections below, we'll be detailing the different ways you can begin preparing yourself, and your family, for that day when you can finally hang up your boots (so to speak) and enjoy a life that resulted from your years of toil. Make a Plan The term "retirement plan" gets tossed around a lot, and for good reason. First and foremost, you should begin planning for how much to save for retirement. Your retired self will be ever grateful. Even if you're living paycheck to paycheck and the easy street seems miles away yet, begin formulating a plan to ensure that come retirement, you're not putting… Read More

Real Estate Accounting 101: A Small Business Guide

Real Estate Accounting 101 You might be heading up a real estate agency, managing one or several rental properties, or working for yourself as a real estate agent. No matter what your current experience is with real estate accounting, there are some basics you need to master to make your small business successful. Balance Your Books Let's start at the very beginning. In accounting, your liabilities, coupled with your equity, should equal your assets. Assets are the things your business owns that could be translated into cold, hard cash. In real estate accounting, your property portfolio will probably make up the bulk of your assets. Your liabilities are simply costs that you encounter while running your business. Any revenue coming in, like rental payments or proceeds from selling your property, gets filed under the equity column. Once your equity and liabilities equal your assets, you can consider your books balanced.… Read More

9 Best Places to Invest in Real Estate in 2017

Best Places to Invest in Real Estate 2017 1. San Francisco, CA San Francisco topped the real estate charts in 2016, and it's back again this year as one of the best places to invest in real estate. This hot California city is home to some of the highest prices of homes in the nation compared to the national average. What's more, both home and rental prices continue to increase. There is a healthy job market here, supported by a younger demographic needing to rent rather than to buy housing. This increase in rental demand and the expanding job market make San Francisco a great city in which to prioritize real estate investments. 2. Dallas, TX A close competitor to its California cousins, this major Texas city takes the lead in best places to invest in real estate in 2017. This equally hot city will see housing prices increase more than… Read More

Refinance your Home – The right time!

Taking a brief look at the history of mortgage rates, they are on a steady decline since the 1980’s, when we were seeing interest rates of up to 17.6%! However, in a more recent comparison rates have continued to drop since 2008, when they were sitting at around 6-7% for a 30 year fixed rate mortgage. Lower Interest Rates Now, interest rates are at a record-low, currently sitting around 3.5% for a conventional fixed rate 30-year mortgage. However, that figure can easily change from one day to the next, and as the economy gets stronger these rates will likely start to climb up as well. So that obviously means its time to lock it in and refinance.. Well, not exactly. A lower interest rate is a big motivator for many to refinance their homes but the more important question is how much lower the rate needs to be, to breakeven… Read More

FHA Loan

FHA Loans are quite popular due to their lower down payment requirements and easier lending criteria. IF you have ever used an FHA mortgage calculator the numbers can be quite attractive, and you may be wondering if this loan is right for you FHA vs Conventional The thought of a lower down payment alone is very appealing to most homebuyers, as it can be difficult to save up a 20% down payment. On a $450,000 home the conventional down payment would be approximately $90,000, which lets face it- that’s not exactly chump change that we have lying around. It takes meticulous planning and saving to be prepared for a home purchase. It also helps to have a stable job or career, with some basic knowledge of investments and economics. However, this is all much easier said then done, unfortunately life is not always so black and white. We often find… Read More

Mortgage Terminology Continued – HomeBuyers Guide

When it comes to getting a mortgage there are some immediate questions that come to mind regarding how you want to structure the loan. Are you looking for a fixed rate, or adjustable rate mortgage (ARM)? Meanwhile, further variances include options such as 7/1 ARM and 5/1 ARM. If you’re not familiar with these terms it can be very confusing, as each comes with a set of benefits and risks. Mortgage - Fixed Rate Perhaps the most popular of the options is the fixed rate mortgage. The concept is quite simple here- the interest rate stays the same through out the term of the loan. When the interest and principle remain the same, your monthly payment will stay the same through out the term. The only drawback of a fixed rate mortgage is that the interest rate is generally higher then it’s adjustable counterpart. Think of it this way: with… Read More