Body Fat Percentage Calculator

How to Calculate Body Fat Percentage?

The Body Fat Calculator will be helpful to assess your body fat. Your gender and dimensions of height, waist, neck, and hip is required to use this Body Fat Calculator. The Body Fat Calculator will show you the amount of your body fat in percentage once you have fulfilled all the required fields. Use the result of this Body Fat Calculator to see the fat condition of your body and take appropriate steps if necessary. We have implemented the US Navy method to calculate your body fat in this Body Fat Calculator.


body fat chart for men and women - how to calculate body fat percentage?


How to measure your body fat percentage?


In the first place, your body fat percentage is just the rate of fat your body contains. If you measure 140 pounds and are 10% fat, it implies that your body comprises of 14 pounds fat and 126 pounds lean body mass (bone, muscle, organ tissue, blood, and so on.


A definite amount of fat is key to physical functions. Fat manages body temperature, pads and protects organs and tissues and is the fundamental manifestation of the body's vitality stockpiling. Look at this Body Fat Chart which portrays fat extents and their related classifications.


Body Fat Calculator / Body Fat Percentage Calculator


To calculate your total body fat, which is based on your size is known as the Body Fat Calculator. Exploit the "metric units" tab, if you are more relaxed with the international standard metric units. For acquiring the best results, evaluate to the nearby 1/4 inch (0.5cm).


When it comes to assessing your body fat, the Body Fat Calculator is the only useful tool. Your sexual category and measurements of height, waist, neck, and hip is compulsory to bring into play this Body Fat Calculator. When you satisfy all the obliged fields, it will demonstrate you the amount of your body fat in percentage. Draw on the result of this Body Fat Calculator to witness fattest state of your body and capture proper steps if needed. We have executed the US Navy method to calculate your body fat in this Body Fat Calculator.

How is Body Fat Percent different from Body Mass Index?

Description Women Men


Recommended amount 20-25% 8-14%


Adults in United States, average 22-25% 15-19%


Obese 30+% 25+%


According to Health Check Systems, The American Council on Exercise has categorized the range of body fat percentages as follows:


Description Women Men


Essential fat 12-15% 2-5%


Athletes 16-20% 6-13%


Fitness 21-24% 14-17%


Acceptable 25-31% 18-25%


Obese 32%+ 25%+


What Is Body Fat?


"Adipose Tissue" is the scientific name for body fat. This tissue doles out a number of essential functions, but the main function is to stock up lipids from which the energy of a body is created. It also produces a number of imperative hormones.


To have an extra amount of body fat in a body leads to the state of stoutness, which can be unhealthy for an individual. There are few cases, who are by birth obese this is because of the genetic problem. And, some get caught in the shackles of obesity due to lack of exercise and bad diets.


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The Body fat, which is stored in the abdominal region, can be losing out with the help of proper exercise and the right amount of diet. Body fat stored in women is pretty different from the body fat stored in men. But, after the age of 40, or you can say after menopause in the case of women, there is a reduction in sexual hormones, which can lead to surplus body fat around the tummy in men, and around the hips and thighs in women.


Body Fat and Being Overweight


If you are overweight that doesn’t mean that you have extra pounds of fat. Powerful people with a muscle mount often counted in the category of overweight. Some amount of body fat is required for human beings as it plays a crucial role in our aliveness. There is also a special kind of body fat in a human’s body, which is known as "Brown fat". This fat is mainly found around the neck and large blood vessels of the thorax, and it serves to engender heat to help out in keeping us warm in severe cold.


What's Wrong with Excess Body Fat?


There’s no doubt, fat is a crucial producer of important hormones, which are present in the body. And, our whole body is functioning with the help of hormones. So, if the hormones are present in excess or less amount, then it might have a serious impact on our health. The amount of hormones should be accurate in our bodies.


It is scientifically tested that in an abundance measure of hormones present in our body, especially around abdomen, thighs, can lead to disruption in regular adjust and working of hormones. An excess amount of body fat present on the abdomen part could be dangerous as it is situated near the portal vein, which circulates blood from the intestinal area to the liver. The Body substances which are on the loose by body fat, together with free fatty acids, goes into the portal vein and travel to the liver, where they can let down its functioning.


Body fat is the one who pushes out immune system chemical, known as cytokines. This is the chemical which leads to increase in the risk of cardiovascular disease as they make body cells less sensitive to blood pressure, insulin, and blood clotting.


Belly fat is fully connected with a cholesterol level of our body and exclusively with the so-called "bad" cholesterol that can bung up arteries, which might lead to heart attack.


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Measuring Body Fat

Very unique and specific techniques are used in measuring the body fat. The U.S. Navy has come up with a clear-cut and valuable method which is beneficial to both- men and women.


Determine the circumference of your waist at a horizontal level around the navel for men, and at the level with the least width for women. Don't pull your stomach in.


Measure the circumference of the neck. Start below the larynx with the tape sloping slightly downward to the front. Avoid flaring your neck out.


For women only: Measure the circumference of the hips, at the largest horizontal measure.


Body fat calculator formula for men:




Body fat calculator formula for woman:




Enter the number into the calculator. But, remember, this is only a guess. An accurate measurement of a body fat needs some incredible tools like, bioelectric impedance analysis or hydrostatic density testing. Also, you will need to visit the doctor, if you wish for getting tested with complete accuracy.


Controlling Body Fat


One will find an enormous number of people, who helps in controlling or reducing the body fat. There are few things which you need to keep in mind while controlling the body fat:


First, one should avoid exhaustive programs. To lose body fat, and keep it off, To lose muscle to fat quotients, and keep it off, you have to make long haul way of life changes. Discover an activity administration that you can work at routinely. Lessen calories in your eating routine steadily and precisely, so you keep up the progressions.


Bound the amount of carbohydrates taken by you. Once more, don't roll out any radical improvements like surrendering all carbs. Simply eliminate boring sustenances like rice, pasta, potatoes and bread. Excessively of these give your body more than it requirements for the vitality and vitality stockpiling, and the remaining part will be put away as fat. Cut back on them, replacing them when conceivable or restricting amounts when not.


Reduce the intake of sweets. Excess amount of sugar will be stored in your body as a form of fat. Occasionally or once in a while you can take, but not always. Try avoiding cupcakes, soda, cold drinks and always have fresh juice if possible.


Escalated activity for brief times is the most ideal approach to smolder fat. That implies running on the treadmill, or paddling, or exercising with weights. Particular activities to diminish your size, as sit-ups, may have no impact at all if not consolidated with an exceptional workout.


Thus, give a change to your diet, go for some exercise. Feel better with your lighter weight!




Input your height in this field.




Mention the circumference of your neck. Please avoid spreading out your neck while measuring.




Horizontally measure the size of your waist; for man - around the navel, for woman - at the navel level. Avoid pulling your stomach in while taking the measurement.


Hip (for female only)


Measurement of hip is required for female only. Take the measurement where the buttocks protrude backward the maximum.


Body Fat Calculation Formula

Male 495/(1.0324-0.19077(LOG(waist-neck))+0.15456(LOG(height)))-450
Female 495/(1.29579-0.35004(LOG(waist+hip-neck))+0.22100(LOG(height)))-450



Following table illustrates the array of body fat (in percentage) as described by the American Council on Exercise.





Essential fat 12-15% 2-5%
Athletes 16-20% 6-13%
Fitness 21-24% 14-17%
Acceptable 25-31% 18-25%
Obese >32% >25%
Average in US (adults) 22-25% 15-19%
Recommended 20-25% 8-14%