Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator

Basal metabolic rate calculator: determine your basic calorie requirements

Determining your minimum calories at rest may be difficult, especially if you have to convert your unit measurements to use a basal metabolic rate formula. Our calculator can help you to determine the number of calories that your organs need to sustain daily life functions easily and accurately- something that may be helpful when devising nutritional or dietary requirements.

What is basal metabolic rate?
Your basal metabolic rate is the minimum number of calories needed for life sustaining organ function and it is reliant on your gender, age, height, and weight measurements. Since your BMR represents how many calories you need at rest, it is necessary to adjust the numbers upwards to account for activities and physical exercise.
Using your basal metabolic rate you may then determine your caloric requirements by multiplying your results by an activity factor in the activity table below. This will establish your total daily energy expenditure, which is simply the amount of calories that must be consumed in order to maintain your current weight.
Therefore, this calculator is a great tool for nutritionists, personal trainers, health enthusiasts, or anyone wondering how many calories they should be consuming.
The Mifflin – St Jeor equation of BMR
Harris- Benedict published the original equation for BMR for men and women in 1918, but it was later revised by Dr. Mifflin and St Jeor in 1990 – this is the formula that is being used by this calculator today and it is adapted by gender.
BMR for men: (10x weight in kg) + (6.25 x height in cm) – (5 x age in years) + 5
BMR for women: (10x weight in kg) + (6.25 x height in cm) – (5 x age in years) + 5
Calculate your total daily energy expenditure
Once you have calculated your BMR calculator or the formula provided, multiply your calories at rest by the activity multiplier that describes you best using the Activity table below.
ActivityActivity Multiplier
Little to no exerciseBMR x 1.2
Light exercise (1-3 days pers week)BMR x 1.375
Moderate exercise (3-5 days per week)BMR x 1.55
Heavy exercise (6-7 days per week)BMR x 1.725
Very heavy exercise (2x per day, extra heavy)BMR x 1.9
How accurate is the calculator?
Although this calculator is a great tool, all results should be used as an approximation only. It is possible to over estimate or under estimate our exact weight and activity levels, even when trying to be completely honest.Further, this calculator is not able to measure lean body mass, which is an essential component in identifying BMR.
How to use the calculator
The BMR calculator is very simple and straightforward to use and only requires basic information that you should already know such as your age, gender, height, and weight.
When this information is added to the BMR calculator you will receive a prompt on the right hand side detailing your resting calorie requirements per day.
Your results
BMR Calculator Result
To the right of the information inputs you will find your recommended daily BMR.
This calculator may be a great starting point for nutritional planning, but it is recommended to track your weight on a weekly basis to determine if you need to optimize your calorie intake in order to reach your fitness goals more effectively.
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